How to use laces on wedges?


In fact, wearing wedge heels, wearing high heels is definitely more convenient than wearing high heels, and it is more comfortable than ordinary high heels. Some wedge heels also need to tie shoelaces. Let's take a look at how to tie wedge heels. shoelace? What color go with wedges?

How to tie a shoelace wedge:

The straps of the wedge should have the dual function of the instep and the ankle. The straps form a figure-8 cross on the foot, which can keep the wedge and the foot beautiful and stable. Another way to tie shoelaces is to add a strap to the diagonal heel, add a strap to the heel, and thread the shoelace to the foot. These two methods are very simple and practical. After wearing the diagonal heel, you don't have to worry about the shoes falling off.

What color match for wedge shoes:

Color matching 1, black. In clothing matching, black is called the "King of Baise". As long as you can ensure the proper matching, no matter what color you are wearing, there is absolutely no problem in stepping on a pair of black diagonal heels.

Color matching 2, brown. Brown is an alternative basic color that gives a trendy, big-name look.

Color matching 3, white. White is the most basic color, and the white slanted heel is the basic model of the slanted heel.

Color matching 4, gray. The gray wedge shoes are simple and neat, giving people a fashionable feeling. These wedge shoes are the favorite color of many girls.

How to choose wedge shoes:

1. Look at the shape of the legs

For girls, the most common problem when choosing wedge shoes is the shape of the legs. In fact, wedge heels are more suitable for sisters with petite bodies, round legs, and wheat-colored legs. If your figure, leg shape, etc. are not perfect, then you can improve the overall look with an eye-catching outfit.

2. Depending on the occasion

Generally speaking, wedge sandals are not suitable for the office, but if you want to wear them in the office, or go to a party, they will be more suitable for you.

Can wedge shoes and stockings match?

Wedges and stockings can be matched, but those with slanted heels should be chosen carefully. For wedges, it is best not to wear exposed socks, otherwise the socks will burst and look very embarrassing. Therefore, although sexy fish mouth wedge shoes, cool wedge sandals, etc. are highly attractive, when wearing stockings, be sure to pay attention to the length of the socks, and don't let a pair of socks ruin your overall match.

How to maintain wedge shoes:

1. Leather boots

Leather wedges require a special maintenance solution to maintain. To wash, apply a special skin care product to the leather surface of the wedge shoes and wipe gently with a soft cloth. Leather shoes should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and should be put in a shoe box when not being worn.

2. Straw flat heel

Although straw wedge shoes are simple and comfortable to wear, they are easy to stick to dust. When cleaning, use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe, remember not to use a damp cloth! Because the moisture from the wipes can easily carry dirt into the fabric, creating stubborn stains!

3. Cloth boots

The wedge heels on the cloth surface are also easy to get dusty and should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Stained cloth wedges can be gently wiped with a small amount of detergent and placed in a ventilated and dry place to avoid exposure to the sun.

That's it for the dangers of wedge heels and how to choose and maintain them. Wedge heels are also a kind of high-heeled shoes, and it is best not to wear them for a long time.