What occasions are suitable for wearing a hat?


The top hat is a more formal top hat. It is very stylish. Although it does not keep warm very well, it is very fashionable. The top hat is a traditional hat that will not go out of style. Top hats are generally worn on formal occasions and are generally not allowed to be worn. So what are the occasions for wearing hats?


Top hat Occasion to wear:

Wearing occasions 1. Shopping

When shopping with men, do you often wear the same clothes as girls? Might as well wear a hat and dress up beautifully, it will definitely make your personality full and 100% eye-catching.

Wearing occasion 2, party

An antique top hat should be picked for the party so that you can turn into a hip girl at the party.

Wearing occasion 3, business occasion

Top hats are very popular in many important business events, a furry hat can make your formal attire look more glamorous.


Top hatIs it suitable to match with denim:

Certainly not. Top hats are formal and denim is casual, and the combination of the two styles looks odd. Of course, if you're an eclectic clothing designer, you can wear whatever you want.

Generally speaking, when wearing a hat, it is best to wear black thick heels, leather jackets, wide-leg pants, long skirts, etc. Of course, it is also very fashionable to wear a suit on the right occasion.

The appropriate occasions for hats are introduced here, and they cannot be matched with cowboys, which is too ugly.

How to choose Top hat?

Before buying a hat, you must first have a certain understanding of the material, design and style, and then you can find the material and style that suits you. Pay attention to the wearing effect of the hat. The material of the hat should be soft and the color should be uniform, so that it can last. Pick a versatile color that all girls can wear.


Top hat with hairstyle recommendation:

Hairstyle recommendation 1. If you have to wear a top hat, it is short hair. Girls with short hair often wear top hats and look very cute;

Hairstyle recommendation 2. Girls with long hair and waist will naturally let their hair loose, and wearing a top hat is also very suitable, but remember not to lower the brim, the slightly curly brim will make you look more lively and cute;

Hairstyle recommendation 3. Maroon highlighted hair with lovely bangs, plus a big curly hair is even better, plus a hat, giving people a fresh and romantic feeling;

Hairstyle recommendation 4. If you want to tie a double ponytail or double ponytail, you can comb the two small braids down a little bit, which can make you look fresh and attractive.


How to choose the top hat that suits me?

1. melon face

The melon-faced sisters are a "universal face" face, and a top hat is naturally the most suitable. Choose a hat that suits your personality, for example, choose a hat according to your skin color; people with fair skin can wear a green hat.

2. Pointy face

With a top hat on the pointed face, it gives a very feminine feeling.

Long face, square face, round face can be worn, but according to the different face shape, choose a hat with decorative effect, or choose a more suitable one for you.

How can the top hat not fall off

If you wear a small bobby pin that's the exact same color, then you won't have to worry about it falling off and buy a smaller top hat so you can wear it on top of your head . The style of the hat with a deep hat and a small girth is not easy to fall off, and the brim of this hat is blown tighter and tighter.