What kind of shoes go with a slip dress?


The suspender skirt is the favorite of many women. It can show off the shoulders. It is a kind of looming sexy. Look at the underwear in the suspender skirt, which one looks good on? What kind of coat goes with the suspender skirt?


What kind of underwear should a suspender skirt be paired with?

1. The shoulder strap of the underwear cannot be thicker than the suspender

Just imagine, she was wearing a tank top dress with her shoulders and collarbone exposed. Now, a thick tank top, like a suspender, took her skirt away. How could she wear a suspender skirt and put it on directly .

2, dark and light collocation, light color collocation

Although there is more freedom in dressing nowadays, if you want to wear a pink skirt, or a pair of bright red underwear, it is definitely not suitable.


What coat should I wear with a suspender skirt?

Matching recommendation 1. Denim jacket

Denim jackets are as versatile as rice is in the food world, and denim jackets are the most popular item in the clothing industry. A denim jacket, in addition to a suspender skirt, can also be matched with A-line skirts, straight skirts, and any dress can be perfectly matched with a denim jacket.

Matching recommendation 2, shawl

One piece can be used as a winter hood, at any time as a shawl, blanket, hood. This is already pretty good. The style of the shawl can be matched according to your own wearing style. If you are pure, it should be your favorite color. If you are a low-key and mature style, choose khaki, gray, and off-white.

Matching recommendation 3. Knitted sweater

Such a combination is definitely better for meeting parents, interviewing, and attending relevant occasions.


What shoes should I wear with a suspender skirt?

Matching recommendation 1. Denim skirt with suspenders: short boots

Denim slip dresses are enduring for their distinct style and symbolism, while a pair of oxfords can add a British flair and style to a cropped denim slip dress. Coupled with a long denim skirt and a pair of leather shoes, this ordinary denim skirt can give off a different feeling.

Matching recommendation 2. Modal suspender skirt: flip-flops, base.

The material of modal itself is a comfortable and well-fitting material, and at this time, the most beautiful shoes are not as practical as a pair of plain and low-key flip-flops. No more worrying about grinding your feet! Don't be afraid of not being able to match! Do not worry! With a pair of flip-flops, you can travel the world.


Matching recommendation 3, chiffon floral skirt: oblique heel sandals

If you want to make your goddess more charming, you must wear a pair of high heels, so as to set off your beauty more perfectly.


How to wear makeup in a suspender skirt?

1. Fresh and fashionable

Most of the suspender skirts are vests, but they have a girl-next-door feel. For example, a short denim skirt, coupled with a fashionable T-shirt, is both youthful and natural. Barbie pink and tangerine can make you look radiant just by working on your lipstick and lip balm.

2. Sexy temptation

The design of the sling itself will make people feel very sexy, so when applying makeup, you should pay attention to the color of the earth, and remember the highlights on the bridge of the nose. Women with high nose bridges are always hard to resist.

3. Natural leisure style

Choose a foundation with a relatively white color. Highlights are indispensable. Use a pink blush to match it with the recently popular one-word eyebrows. No eye shadow is required.