Why does a cat bite your finger?


Cats are very sensitive to moving objects and may use your hands as prey or a toy, like a cat stick. If the owner gets too excited while playing with the cat, it will also bite the owner's hand. This is the cat's unconscious reaction, the scratching and biting behavior of the cat playing.

Biting your hand may remind you to stop disturbing it. If you pet the cat for too long, or if the force of the petting hurts it, it will activate its defense mechanisms to bite your finger and warn you not to touch it again. It may also be expressing consolation. Cats are very strange creatures. It bites you when it's happy, and it bites you when it's unhappy. When the cat is in a very comfortable state, the cat will lightly lick or lick if the owner pets the cat. Biting the owner's hand.


Why did the cat suddenly hug you and bite

When a cat bites on the owner's hand, it actually means loving you. The cat feels that if it bites you, you are its one, which is a way of swearing sovereignty. But if the cat is biting you too often, the pet owner must stop correcting immediately before the cat becomes neither big nor small.

If your cat is at this stage of 3-6 months, the cat is in the process of changing teeth. During this period, the cat's teeth will be itchy, and the discomfort caused by changing teeth will be relieved by biting.

Before cats were tamed by humans, they grabbed their own food. After killing food, they nibble to judge the size and hardness of the food. Until now, cats still maintain this habit. Cats like to bite when they have nothing to do. What makes it so comfortable to bite into, it will especially like to bite. Most cats are comfortable biting their owners' fingers, so they especially like to bite their owners' fingers.


In fact, sometimes cats get bored. When a cat is bored, it will look around for "things" that will make up for its play. At this time, if it sees you, it will go to your place. In front of you, lightly bite your fingers. Yes, it just wants you to play for a while.

Cats are actually nervous too. When cats are nervous, they will try to get out of the area that makes them nervous. If it can't get out of the place where it makes it nervous, it will relieve its tension by nibbling on its owner's fingers. But, in general, only very smart cats do this, and the dumb ones just run around.

When the cat is very hungry, it will also come to the owner and gently bite the owner's finger! If your cat is hungry and wants to bite your finger, you must prepare food for it as soon as possible. Otherwise it will get angry and if it gets angry it will bite you with a lot of force.