What exercises can relieve back stiffness?


When we focus on our bodies, we maintain our ideal weight through diet and shape our bodies through targeted training. However, we cannot ignore the daily habits that bring about health and posture. While we insist on exercising, we cannot ignore some details in life, such as maintaining a posture for a long time. The most common problem right now is the detrimental health and physical effects of looking down at your phone for extended periods of time.

When we lower our head and stretch our arms forward for a long time, the back muscles are stretched and the chest muscles are tightened. Over time, there will be a hunched back, shoulder buckling posture problems, and the whole posture will lose integrity. As a result, the whole person loses vitality, and also causes health problems such as back stiffness and neck stiffness. If you don't pay attention, the consequences will become more and more serious.

So, don't wait until a problem arises to find a solution, but take preventive measures before the problem occurs, so that you can maintain a healthy body and posture in the long term. Although it is inevitable to look at your mobile phone or desk work, if you can develop the habit of being active and prevent problems from happening, you will largely avoid bad situations.

Therefore, when we are sedentary for a long time, we must remind ourselves to stand up and move our body, even raising our arms and kicking our legs is good. Of course, for sedentary people, we should be more conscious. Move your shoulders, back, and neck to avoid back stiffness and neck stiffness.


Share a set of very simple shoulder and back exercises. Through this set of movements, the stiffness of the shoulders, back and neck can be effectively relaxed, thereby preventing the problems of back stiffness and neck stiffness, and can help us shape and maintain a tall and straight body.

Action 1: Lateral raise and surround

Kneeling position (sitting, standing), buttocks sit on calves, back straight, abdomen tucked, arms raised sideways

Keep your body steady, keep your abs tight, use the shoulder joint as the axis, and draw a circle with your arms back

Complete the movement under the premise of keeping your body stable, be careful not to overdo it, and your shoulders will feel slightly sore

Action 2: Support alternate arms

Bend over, support your body with your arms under your shoulders, keep your back straight, your abs tight, and your legs straight back

Keeping your body steady, keeping your back straight, lift one arm forward off the ground and overhead

Stop for a moment at the top, feel the contraction of the shoulder and back muscles, then slowly resume and complete the movement on the other side


Action 3: Kneeling Diagonal Stretch

Bend over, arms supported under shoulders, elbows slightly bent, back straight, core tight, knees down

Keeping your body steady and your back straight, lift the opposite arm and leg to maximum at each end

Move to the top and stop for a moment, feel the contraction of the back and hip muscles, then slowly restore, and then complete the movement on the other side

Action 4: Raise the arm after lying prone laterally

Lie prone on the mat with abdomen, buttocks and thighs close to the ground, legs straight back and arms raised laterally

Keeping the body steady, the back muscles apply force to drive the arms back and up as far as they can

Pause at the top of the movement, feel the contraction of the back muscles, and then slowly recover


Exercise 5: prone diagonal stretch

Lie prone on the mat with your arms raised forward over your head and your legs stretched back, keeping your abs, hips and legs on the ground

Keeping the body steady, the back and buttock muscles force the opposite arm and leg to lift up and back

Move to the top and stop for a while, feel the contraction of the back muscles and hip muscles, and then actively control the speed to slowly recover

Action 6: Prone prone

Lie on your stomach with your legs stretched back, legs straight back, abs and hips on the ground, arms and elbows at your sides

Keeping your lower body steady and your abs on the ground, use your back strength to lift your upper back up as far as you can

Move to the top and stop for a while, feel the contraction of the back muscles, and then slowly recover, pay attention to actively control the recovery speed, do not passively recover

More than 15-20 times for each action, rest for about 30 seconds between actions, 3-5 groups each time, pay attention to actively feel the contraction and extension of the target muscle during the action, so that each action is in place, as long as you can persist, then It can effectively relieve stiffness in the shoulders, back and neck, and can also create a tall and young body to keep yourself active.