What psychological stress occurs during pregnancy?


Pregnancy is something almost every woman experiences. Every mother-to-be is happy but also a little anxious when she finds out that she is pregnant. It takes ten months to become pregnant. During pregnancy, the body and mind will grow enormously. If it is not well controlled, it may also affect the development of the fetus. So what psychological pressures do pregnant women experience during pregnancy? Let's find out together.


1. Stress 1: sentimental

The physical and psychological crises of pregnant women after pregnancy are reflected through emotions. These good and bad emotions affect the pregnant woman's body. Pregnant mothers began to become "sentimental" and became very contradictory, both happy and worried, with great mood swings, and they were always prone to irritability and depression during pregnancy. Psychology becomes fragile, excited, and dependence increases. In the third trimester of pregnancy, you will also feel general discomfort, fatigue, anxiety, tension, dependence, etc., and even endocrine disorders due to fear of childbirth, whether the fetus is deformed, how to restore the body shape after childbirth, etc., and even endocrine disorders, which will seriously affect the health of the fetus.

2 , stress 2: severe early pregnancy reaction

Many pregnant women will experience some physiological early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, lethargy, etc., which lead to poor mood of expectant mothers. Begin to doubt the meaning of pregnancy, and frequent emotional fluctuations will also cause pregnant women to have early pregnancy reactions, so expectant mothers must try to keep their mood comfortable and avoid bad stimulation.

2. Pressure three: nervousness

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers will have all kinds of worries, "I ate crab at noon, I don't know if it's okay", "I was touched by a passerby just now, the baby will be fine", "This obstetric examination, I don’t know if I can pass it smoothly” and so on. The expectant mother is too nervous about the pregnancy, which causes the nerves to be under tense pressure for a long time. These will affect the state of mother and baby.


3. Pressure Four: Panic

Because mothers are often pregnant for the first time, they lack a correct understanding and scientific understanding of pregnancy, so it is inevitable that they will be worried, worried about their unhealthy health, and worried that the fetus will not develop normally. The more thinking, the more likely to panic. It is necessary to go to the hospital for pregnancy test on time, consult a doctor to understand the health of yourself and the fetus, and avoid cranky thoughts.

4. Pressure Five: Excessive Reliance

After some people get pregnant, their feelings will become very fragile, they are inseparable from their husbands mentally and psychologically, and they have a sense of dependence on them. The wife hopes that her husband can always be by her side to share happiness and share worries. During pregnancy, I hope my husband can focus on me more than before, always care about me, and take care of me everywhere. As a result, there is a mentality of over-reliance on the husband. It is normal to have such a mentality during pregnancy. The husband should try his best to be considerate of the mothers and reduce their pressure.

5. Stress Six: Depression

Negative emotions during pregnancy are a kind of pressure for oneself, and are not good for the health of the fetus. If the melancholy mood of frowning all day long will cause insomnia, anorexia, sexual dysfunction and autonomic disorders of the expectant mother, it is extremely unfavorable to the growth of the fetus.


Therefore, it is very important for every expecting mother to have a good mood during pregnancy. We should have a correct understanding of pregnancy and adjust our mentality. Positively face everything in the future and avoid anxiety, so as not to cause excessive pressure to burden yourself and the fetus. Mothers should maintain a happy mood during pregnancy, be fully prepared, and welcome the arrival of the baby!