Are programmers really prone to hair loss?


When it comes to programmers now, everyone's first reaction is to worry about their hair. The fact seems to be the same. Friends who work as programmers around them all have hair loss problems more or less.

Are programmers really prone to hair loss? What exactly is hair loss?

A research institution in the United States once conducted a survey, and the results showed that researchers, programmers, salespeople, outdoor workers and athletes are the occupational groups with the most hair loss. Programmers ranked second, which shows that there is a certain prevalence of hair loss in programmers. Due to work reasons, programmers have irregular work and rest, often staying up late, high mental stress, and irregular diet, which are all causes of hair loss.

Hair loss does not mean hair loss

Once our hair follicles are formed, they cycle in a continuous life cycle according to the growth cycle, which is the growth phase, the catagen phase and the telogen phase. Under normal circumstances, there is hair growth and hair fall every day. 50-100 hairs fall out, because these hairs enter the telogen phase, so don't start worrying about our hair loss when you see hair loss.

What is the standard for hair loss?

If you lose more than 100 hairs per day root, and has been for a while, so be careful. For friends who are more worried about whether they are hair loss, you can collect the hair that falls out in a day and count it patiently. If the hair has been noticeably thinned a lot, it is even more important to pay attention!

We can also conduct the "hair pulling experiment" to simply judge whether it is alopecia: gently pinch a small amount of hair from the root of the hair with your fingers (about 40~60 root), stroke it in the direction of the hair, if there are more than 6 If the hair above the root is easily pulled out, it means that your hair is prone to fall out. In addition, you can also go to the hospital for professional examinations, such as fungal examination, hair microscopy, etc., to see if there is hair loss.

So why do we lose hair?

In simple terms, hair loss is related to many reasons, including genetics, autoimmune function, infection, endocrine, nutritional status, and mental factors.

Of course the most important factor is genetics. For example, if immediate family members exist, the descendants are more likely to appear, and there is a tendency to gradually appear younger.

The second is the cause of disease. Hair loss is also prone to occur when infection, hormone and immune disorders occur, such as hyperthyroidism, lupus erythematosus, tinea capitis and other diseases.

Moreover, it is currently the main reason why programmers are prone to hair loss, bad living habits. Often staying up late, irregular work and rest, high mental stress, irregular diet, etc., are also the reasons for hair loss.

How should we avoid hair loss in daily life?

1. In terms of diet, it is recommended to have a balanced intake of protein, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., do not diet for picky eaters and partial eclipses, and it is recommended to touch less alcohol and tobacco.

2. Usually pay attention to avoid excessive pressure, work and rest regularly, and stay up late.

3. Moderate exercise and weight control.

4. It is recommended to use less perm and dye your hair

5. For people who have experienced significant hair loss, it is recommended to go to the dermatology department of a regular hospital for timely treatment and be guided by a professional doctor. Avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Finally, let me tell you that in fact, hair loss has little to do with the number of shampooing. The hair can be washed normally, and there is no need to worry about the number of shampooing.