How to manage emotions in the workplace


People who lose their temper in the workplace may not be true temperament, but low emotional intelligence. Emotional freedom does not necessarily bring promotion and salary increase, but may also be forced to leave. It can be seen that it is necessary to do a good job in emotional management in the workplace. How to achieve "relaxation and relaxation"? How to manage your emotions in the workplace? The following suggestions are hoped to help you.

1. Suggestion 1: Think first, then communicate

The main reason why many people have negative emotions in the process of workplace communication is that they are too anxious to answer each other or make suggestions. When the other party throws a question, don't rush to give the other party an answer first, learn to give yourself longer time and more space to think, and then answer after thinking about it clearly. That way our responses will be more accurate and objective. This will not only improve the efficiency of communication, but also reduce the generation of negative emotions.

2. Suggestion 2: Accept and admit your emotions

If you want to do a good job in emotional management in the workplace, the first point is the ability to self-awareness. Specifically, it means that when negative emotions come, you should not immerse yourself in them, but learn to accept and admit your negative emotions. Find out why you have negative emotions, and then make corresponding solutions. Escaping reality and immersing yourself in sadness and anger will only make yourself deeper and deeper. It is recommended to look at the whole thing without emotions, and find solutions according to the reasons, so as to better manage your emotions in the workplace.

3. Suggestion 3: Learn to be calm and be alone and resolve yourself

When colleagues in the workplace convey negative emotions to you or generate negative emotions yourself, learn to calm down and give yourself a little more patience to guide yourself. Try to be alone with yourself and give yourself a space for self-resolving. A positive emotion can reduce the interference from the outside world in the workplace, and can avoid the troubles caused by a temporary emotional outburst.

4. Suggestion 4: Take the initiative to get out of the "emotional cycle" and divert your attention

Emotions are a vicious circle, and if you get angrier and sadder, the vicious circle will pull you into it. Therefore, we must learn to get out of the "emotional cycle". Bad emotions are temporary, and reality is not as bad as you think. Everyone's career will encounter their own "trough period", and it is impossible to be smooth sailing. Don't immerse yourself in "negative emotions" for a long time. It is recommended that you do things that interest you and make you feel comfortable. Such as watching movies, reading books, drinking tea, etc. As long as we can fully divert our attention and replenish our own energy, it is a good choice.

5. Recommendation 5: If you have a disagreement with others, first affirm the other party

Disagreements with others are common in the workplace. When encountering such a situation, do not blindly want to defeat the opponent, but affirm the opponent, his thinking and his efforts. Everyone wants the fruits of their labor to be recognized. If you say to the other party at this time: I think the idea is very good, I have not considered it, I have some other supplements, if you think it is good, you can adopt it...". When communication learns to "be sure first and then add" , then the probability of conflict can be greatly reduced.

6. Suggestion six: maintain a peaceful mind and make psychological expectations in advance

Giving advice to others in the workplace does not necessarily lead to approval. Some things don't work out because the other person doesn't want to agree. So it's useless to talk to someone who doesn't want to understand no matter how much reason! In such a situation, talk less, express less opinions, maintain a good attitude, and make psychological expectations in advance. Don't waste your emotions and time on meaningless things.