What are the sources of stress for medical staff?


All walks of life have their own occupational pressures, some large and some small, among which the medical industry is a special industry with strong responsibility, high risk and the need to maintain overloaded operation all year round. The pressure faced by medical staff It goes without saying that medical staff need to have professional quality and professional ethics and dedication, which are higher than the requirements of the general industry. It is conceivable how much occupational pressure they have? So, what is the source of stress? What are the reasons? Let's take a look below.


1. Source of stress: doctor-patient relationship

Every year, there are reports of medical troubles. The family members of the patients are dissatisfied with the treatment results, accusing the medical staff, complaining and even beating and scolding Shanghai and so on. This is due to insufficient medical knowledge of patients, asymmetric knowledge of doctors and patients and their families, and high expectations of patients for effects. While the medical staff were thinking about saving the dead and helping the wounded, on the other hand they were worried that their own safety would not be guaranteed, which made the medical staff feel fearful of medical disputes. This becomes their main source of stress.

2. Source of pressure 2: Work overload

If you have a family member who is a medical worker, then you must know that overtime is common. There is a shortage of resources, high labor intensity, frequent overtime on working days and holidays, and even no rest after night work. If you encounter a sudden emergency or critically ill patient, you must also carry out temporary rescue, be in a state of tension at all times, and even often put yourself at risk of contracting the disease. Both the patient's near-death and the fact of death are strongly motivated to aggravate the source of work stress for medical staff. Therefore, sudden death of medical workers is also a common thing, and overloaded work is one of the sources of stress.


3. Source of pressure three: negative social opinion

The continuous improvement of medical technology and conditions has brought many positive effects to people's health, but some media worry about the phenomenon of deliberately hyping the contradiction between doctors and patients in order to gain traffic, which has caused a great negative impact on the image of medical staff. Too many negative reports in public opinion lead to patients' distrust of the hospital. It also hits the self-esteem and enthusiasm of medical staff to a certain extent, and brings a certain amount of psychological pressure.

4. Source of pressure four: family relationship

Due to the particularity of the work industry, the pressure faced by medical staff in the family far exceeds that of the ordinary industry, mainly in the following aspects: on the one hand, the pressure comes from the debt to the family. They spend part of their time in the hospital, and their work and rest time cannot be consistent with their family members, resulting in too little communication with their family members, and they cannot take good care of the elderly and children. It is inevitable that there will be tension in the family relationship, resulting in their apology and debt to family members. The feeling keeps accumulating. Therefore, there are not a few families who get divorced.


5. Source of stress five: personal achievement

Medical staff not only need to save lives, but also need to actively prepare for professional title examinations and interviews, and professional title evaluation is related to personal income in the spare time of their busy work. Moreover, this process will continue to repeat the cycle as the title rises. The promotion of professional titles affects the work of medical staff. The increase in professional level and income of medical staff is reflected in professional titles. In the spare time of busy work, they write papers and do projects in order to get promotion in professional titles, recognition of achievements, and talents. There has been an increase in income.