What are the precautions for women to use sanitary napkins?


Sanitary napkins are women's close companions during menstruation, and they go with them. The choice and use of sanitary napkins are directly related to women's health and should not be underestimated. So today, the editor has sorted out the precautions for women to use sanitary napkins, hoping to help female friends spend their menstrual period healthily and safely.


Precautions for the use of sanitary napkins

1. Wash hands before use

Female friends should pay special attention to personal hygiene during menstruation, especially when changing sanitary napkins, they need to wash their hands with hand sanitizer before use to prevent hand rubbing during the process of dismantling, flattening and pasting the sanitary napkin. Bacteria carried by the body inadvertently come into contact with the sanitary napkin. Because sanitary napkins directly contact the genitals of women, and women's vaginas are connected to the outside world, women's resistance during menstruation is low, and various bacteria can easily enter through the vaginal opening at this time, and it is very easy to infect vaginitis and other gynecological diseases disease.

2. It is not advisable to keep it in the bathroom for a long time

The bathroom is very humid, and it is particularly easy to breed germs. It can be described as the worst place in the living environment. For the convenience of menstrual period, many female friends often put sanitary napkins in the wash cabinet or in the bathroom where they can be easily touched. However, the wet environment of the bathroom can easily make the bathroom damp, which will breed bacteria. Therefore, the unpacked sanitary napkin should be stored in a clean and dry environment outside the bathroom, and can be taken as needed.

3. Use sanitary napkins with caution

Medicated sanitary napkins are manufactured by manufacturers who added corresponding substances to the products in order to make the products have the functions of antibacterial, refreshing, health care, and pH balance. Allergies, genital itching and other discomfort symptoms. It is not recommended to use such sanitary napkins.


4. It is best to replace it every two hours

First of all, during the menstrual period of women, with the outflow of menstruation, there will be a smell of blood. After being oxidized over time, it will produce peculiar smell. The longer the time, the more serious the smell. Although this does not affect physical health, it can cause trouble for women. More importantly, if you don’t change it for a long time, the menstrual blood is rich in substances, which will become a breeding ground for bacteria. When a woman moves, the vagina and anus that are very close to each other will also spread the bacteria through the sanitary napkin, causing Gynecological infections. Therefore, it is recommended that women should change it every 2-3 hours when the menstrual flow is heavy, and it should not be changed more than 4 hours when the menstrual flow is light.


Precautions when choosing sanitary napkins

1. Look at the production date

When buying sanitary napkins, look at the information such as the hygiene license number, shelf life or validity period, production date, especially the production date, and choose recently produced products. Sanitary napkins must be used strictly within the shelf life, and expired ones are not guaranteed to be sterile. Don't hoard a lot of sanitary napkins when you see a big promotion in the mall. The number of menstrual periods is limited, so it is best to buy as many as you want.

2. Preferred regular merchants

First, try to choose to buy in large supermarkets and shopping malls, and the purchase channels are guaranteed, otherwise buying fake and shoddy products will not be worth the loss. The second is to try to buy products from companies with high reputation of big brands. The aseptic processing technology and quality of the production workshop are guaranteed, and the safety of the menstrual period must be checked.


3. Pay attention to your own feelings

At present, there are many types of sanitary napkins on the market, including mesh, cotton, soft skin, ultra-thin, daily use, night use, etc. Women should choose the one that suits them according to their menstrual volume and usage experience.