What should I do if I enter the bottleneck period of weight loss?


Maintaining a perfect body requires daily self-discipline, and overweight people need to lose weight in order to have a perfect body. Most people eat a lot and don't exercise every day, leading to lipid deposits and progressive weight gain.

Losing weight requires action, not just words. Losing weight requires customizing a reasonable plan and direction, so as to lose weight more efficiently.

However, there will be various problems in the process of losing weight, and it is necessary to continuously improve the weight loss plan in order to obtain the last chance. Many people will find that the initial stage of weight loss is a critical period for fat loss. During this period, the weight loss effect was more pronounced.

However, with the gradual improvement of exercise ability and the gradual integration of the human body into the exercise and diet plan, the calorie output of your body will also decrease to a certain extent, the weight loss efficiency will decrease, and your weight will gradually drop to a bottleneck period. Many people can't survive the bottleneck period of weight loss, resulting in failure to lose weight and rebound in body shape.


What should I do if my body enters the bottleneck period of weight loss?

These methods allow the body to continuously lose fat and maintain a slim figure!

First, you need to be patient. The arrival of the weight loss bottleneck period means that you have entered a new stage. Everyone needs to adjust their state, adjust their weight loss plan, stick to it, and not give up at will.

Everyone's physical condition is different, and the cycle time required to break through the bottleneck period is also different. Only by overcoming difficulties can we obtain the final victory.

Also, you need to increase the difficulty of the training, and you can't stick to the original exercise program forever. in 2-3 Months have started to get started as a novice. At this time, everyone should increase the difficulty and intensity of training to prevent the human body from falling into the comfort zone.


In terms of aerobic exercise, we can switch to more intense exercise, such as swimming, jumping, variable speed running, and HIIT training are all exercises that can be tried. If you feel that some exercises are more and more comfortable, you should switch to other exercises, thereby stimulating the body to continuously lose fat and reduce muscle shedding.

When it comes to strength training, many people don't start out with resistance training. In the bottleneck period of weight loss, you can add weight training, such as squat, bench press, pull-up, rowing and other training, to exercise muscles and prevent muscle outflow. It can maintain the body's rich metabolism, allowing you to break through bottlenecks faster.


Then, you may need to adjust your meal plan. If you have been eating the same weight loss meal, it is recommended that you eat a diverse diet every day and alternate different foods, which can balance nutrition, maintain the body's metabolic capacity, and prevent the body from falling into a bottleneck period caused by nutritional deficiencies.

You can eat 3-4 kinds of vegetables and fruits, 2-3 kinds of staple foods, and 2-3 kinds of high-protein foods every day, which can supplement the carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, vitamins, etc. needed by the human body. body needs. element.

Finally, to prevent excessive dieting, ensure that the daily caloric intake is higher than the body's metabolic rate, and the caloric intake during weight loss is reduced by 30% from the daily maximum.