Will milk tea damage male sperm?


Having healthy sperm is a must if you are ready to be a dad. In daily life, there are many foods that can harm sperm. Today we will talk about whether the popular milk tea will harm sperm.

Will men drink milk tea harm sperm

Milk tea is a drink that is currently popular in the world. Although milk tea tastes very good, it is easy for men to drink too much. Because milk tea is a high-fat, high-sugar and trans-fatty drink, it basically has flavor and creamer, and the main ingredient of creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a kind of trans fatty acid. It is well known that trans fatty acids are harmful to the human body. But what everyone doesn't know is that it will also affect the male's hormone secretion, which will reduce sperm motility and thus damage the sperm's ability to conceive. In addition, milk tea is high in sugar, and it is easy to gain weight. If men often drink milk tea, it will directly lead to obesity, which will increase the temperature of private parts and reduce sperm quality. Therefore, men who often drink milk tea will damage sperm and even cause infertility.


Acts that damage male sperm

Behavior one, staying up late. The behavior of staying up late for a long time will cause the decline of male immunity, endocrine disorders, obstacles to sperm production and maturation, and damage to sperm, resulting in weak, rare, and teratospermia, which in turn induces male infertility.


Behavior 2, Sauna. The comfortable growth environment for sperm is 1-2 degrees Celsius lower than body temperature. Therefore, if a man often soaks in hot springs and saunas in a high temperature environment for a few hours, it is likely to cause metabolic or biochemical changes in the reproductive system and cause testicular growth. The seminiferous epithelium is destroyed, the spermatogenic capacity of the testis is reduced, and the testis shrinks or shrinks in size, resulting in a large number of sperm deaths in the testis.


Behavior 3, Take medicine indiscriminately. At present, the various nutritional products and health care products on the market are full of dazzling effects. Many men believe that as long as they eat more health care products, they can live a long and healthy life. However, they do not know that many health care products contain sex hormones or other similar ingredients that may affect the testicles. The normal spermatogenic function causes a direct decrease in sperm quality and quantity. In addition, hormones, antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs and other drugs will also affect the endocrine function of the gonads through the blood, resulting in a decline in the quality of male sperm.


Behavior 4. Smoking and drinking. Dioxin, nicotine and other harmful substances in cigarettes and alcohol will enter the human body through the blood and interfere with the material exchange process of testicular and epididymal circulation, affect the development of testicular spermatogenic cells, greatly reduce the number of sperm, and kill the normal male body. Sperm So the bad behavior of smoking and drinking can reduce sperm motility and thus reduce male fertility.

Behavior five, eat and drink. The decline in the quality of male sperm is also the impact of the current decline in food hygiene. Chemical substances such as melamine and preservatives in food are substances that can kill sperm. In addition, overeating will also lead to obesity, and obesity will directly reduce male reproductive function. The pathogenic mechanism is that the imbalance of pituitary-gonadal axis causes male endocrine dysfunction, which affects sperm quality and induces male infertility.


Behavior Six, easy to get angry. Everyone's personality is different. Some men are particularly prone to anger, whether it is big or small, as long as they don't go with him, they will get angry. However, when a man is angry, this behavior will affect the nervous system and the secretory system, so that the ability of the testes to produce sperm will be disturbed, and the production and activity of sperm will be hindered, and the sperm count will gradually decline. damage sperm.


Sperm is the source of life. It is recommended that men who are trying to conceive should correct the bad life behavior that harms sperm and must not be taken lightly