How to increase testosterone levels?


In the training process of various parts of the body, whether it is men who aim to gain muscle or women who aim at shaping, they all play an important role in the training of the legs, which are the largest muscle group in the whole body. Speaking of it, it is definitely not easy to get enough stimulation of the leg muscles. Even if it is self-weight leg training, it is not easy to complete it well, so every time we mention leg training, we seem to have a lot of something to say.

Of course, regular leg training isn't just for muscle-building for men or toning for women. From a health standpoint, leg training may be of greater significance. Exercise of the leg muscles stimulates their growth, and even the growth of muscles throughout the body, allowing the joints to be protected by the muscles and become healthier. On the other hand, muscle growth can put pressure on bones, stimulate bone growth, and prevent osteoporosis. From both perspectives, we can make our legs stronger and thus healthier, which will allow us to still have healthy legs in later life and have a relatively high quality of life.

In addition, for people who exercise, especially those who want to gain muscle, they will pay more attention to one word, testosterone, because a certain level of testosterone can stimulate the synthesis and growth of muscle, thus making it easier to increase muscle mass; and Testosterone can help reduce and maintain a healthy body fat percentage by inhibiting the production of fat cells in the body, so a certain level of testosterone is equally important for effective fat loss. In addition, certain levels of testosterone are good for heart health, good for mood regulation, help increase bone density to prevent osteoporosis, help reduce the risk of diabetes, and more.

So when we walk into a fitness team, we often hear or mention the word testosterone, which means how to boost our testosterone levels. Of course, if you want to boost testosterone effectively, it's most effective and safe to take some natural methods. Specific supplements are not recommended unless necessary. So, in general, if you want to boost your testosterone levels, here are a few things we need to do for our own purposes.

1. Maintain a healthy diet, eat more high-quality fats and foods rich in zinc and magnesium, and take appropriate vitamin D supplements

2. Maintain a healthy body fat rate and don’t let yourself get too fat, because a high body fat rate can lead to a drop in testosterone levels

3. Get enough sleep, because high-quality sleep can stimulate the secretion of various growth hormones, including testosterone of course

4. Avoid contact with harmful substances such as tobacco and molded products.

5. Regular strength training, especially moderate to high-intensity strength training.

Through the above 5 aspects, we can roughly understand the natural testosterone stimulation method. The first 4 points are related to good living habits, and the 5th point is a more active method, that is, medium and high-intensity strength training can help us achieve effective testosterone. Although the testosterone level in the body will rise sharply during training, and the testosterone level will drop rapidly after a few hours of training, even lower than the state at the beginning of the training, but the subsequent decline does not mean that the training has lost its effect, but It means that testosterone has done its job, and when we keep training for about 2 years, the resting testosterone levels in the body will increase.

Because you want your testosterone levels to be elevated and at a relatively steady level, it's important to stick with strength training, but in strength training, we're most often talking about leg training, so this can become a Fitness enthusiasts, one of the reasons why sticking to the leg training process is more painful.