What causes anemia in cats?


Feline anemia generally refers to a clinical syndrome in which the red blood cell count, hematocrit, and hemoglobin levels in a cat's blood are lower than normal. According to the cause, it can be divided into hemolytic anemia, hemorrhagic anemia, malnutrition anemia and aplastic anemia.


Cats with anemia usually have the following symptoms:

Symptoms include: general weakness, weight loss, lethargy, visible pale mucous membranes, loss of appetite, difficulty getting up, yellow mouth and may cause bleeding gums, periodontitis and other oral diseases. Hair can also become rough, lack luster, break easily and have a fast heartbeat. If the cat is anemic for a long time, it will even damage the cat's intelligence, resulting in delayed development of the kitten, low immunity, easy to be attacked by diseases, and will also affect the cat's digestion and absorption function.

Causes of anemia in cats:

1. Cats only eat a special cat food for a long time, and this professional cat food is not perfect and rich in nutrients;

2. When kittens, pregnancy, breastfeeding, surgery, etc. occur, it is easy to cause their nutritional consumption to exceed the intake, which can easily lead to anemia.


According to these reasons, for the symptoms of cat anemia, we can do the following:

The first method is: feeding high-protein and vitamin-rich food, persisting for a long time, I believe that the cat's anemia will be improved to a certain extent;

The second method is: In order to help cats recover faster and more effectively, it is recommended to feed Gudeng Cat Blood and Liver Protection Essence Cream, which uses heme protein powder extracted from animals as the main raw material. Liver protection, enhance physical fitness and other effects.

In addition, it also has a good effect on nutritional anemia, hemorrhagic anemia and hemolytic anemia.