What are the benefits of fitness for the elderly


Going to the gym or doing gymnastics at home has become an indispensable part of people's lives, especially after get off work or holidays, it is the peak period of fitness. However, this phenomenon seems to be defined as a matter of young people, who do not need exercise when they are old. Is it really? Today, I will take you to understand the fitness problems of the elderly, hoping to help everyone.


The benefits of fitness for the elderly

1. Slow down the rate of aging of the body

The stars we have been chasing since we were young are old or very young. Why is this? When they were young, they exercised for a good figure. When they were older, they continued to exercise in order to delay the aging of their bodies, so they would be much younger than their peers.

2. Improve body resistance and immunity

As we all know, with the aging of the body, our body's resistance to external bacteria and viruses will weaken a lot, especially the diseases suffered at a young age will recur one by one with age. The reason is that our body's resistance and immune function decline. Persistence in fitness for the elderly can maintain the normal metabolism of the body and keep various organs of the body in a healthy state.

3. Uplift the spirit and improve the quality of life

Many elderly people drink tea and play chess every day and live a leisurely life. You have been tired all your life, and you should rest when you are old, but the life of the elderly is still very long, and you cannot live like this every day. Therefore, the elderly can have more contact with young people through fitness, not only physically, but also mentally, and the whole person is full of vitality from the inside out.


Issues that the elderly should pay attention to when exercising

1. Appropriate exercise intensity

All physical abilities of the elderly begin to decline, especially muscle strength and endurance. Therefore, when the elderly are exercising, they cannot exercise every day like young people, which will not only not maintain their health, but also endanger their health.

2. Ensure nutritional intake and adequate rest

The body's ability to repair and recover begins to decline in older adults. When the elderly exercise, the body's metabolism is improved, the body consumes energy and nutrients very quickly, and the recovery time becomes very long, so it is very necessary for the elderly to ensure nutritional intake and adequate rest.

3. Break bad habits

You may like to smoke and drink when you are young, wear less clothes when it is cold, and eat cold drinks when it is hot. However, when you become an elderly person, your body can't stand such tossing and needs maintenance, so that the elderly body can still function actively in a healthy state.


Conclusion: For the elderly, this is not the end of their life. The life of the elderly is also a good time. We cannot give up future pursuits and small goals. As long as the elderly keep exercising and fitness, they will surely be able to live a more exciting life.