Personal trainer's help for fitness


If you are just starting to exercise, everyone will be confused, and even more confused about the arrangement of the fitness plan. Maybe we choose to study fitness tutorials online, but we have to be careful. There are too many rumors about fitness on the Internet. If you choose the wrong direction, you may be wasting your time. Today, I will take stock of some things about fitness, I hope it will help you.

How to learn fitness knowledge online?

First and foremost, there are no shortcuts to fitness. You need sweat and perseverance to get in good shape. Therefore, when learning knowledge online, it is best to listen to tutorials such as a few days of crash courses. It doesn't take into account that everyone's actual situation is different, just generalities.

1. Knowledge collection should be reasonable

When we study online, it is best to choose some well-known authors in the fitness circle. Their updated video or text tutorials are more scientific and reasonable, and they can even arrange different arrangements for us at different stages. At the same time, learn more, watch more, and practice more. Don't put the accompanying tutorials aside and practice without watching. The first time you look at it, it's only superficial, and we have to gradually see the details before it is considered high-quality learning.

2. Wide range of learning

When learning, you can't just look at the parts or movements you are interested in. Every part of the body needs scientific exercise. Giving up any part of exercise can have an effect on our bodies, so we must correct our concepts and expand the scope of what we learn.

Summary: Online learning is nothing more than a rational. Good practice presupposes a rich theoretical foundation, so take extra care when learning theoretical knowledge.

Do it yourself or hire a personal trainer?

This question is the hesitation that everyone who enters the gym has had. Do you practice on your own or hire a personal trainer? Below I will analyze how to choose from 3 aspects:

1. Evaluate yourself as a self-disciplined person

If you are a very self-disciplined person who can stick to your own fitness plan, choose to exercise on your own. At that point you only need to think about exercise planning and effect analysis; if you are not a self-disciplined person, you need someone to monitor and supervise everything you do. It is recommended to hire a personal trainer, because personal trainers need to purchase class hours, and the exercise cycle is customized in advance, and your personal trainer will always urge you to exercise.

2. Consider your financial means

For most fitness enthusiasts, the more consideration when choosing a personal trainer is the cost of the personal trainer. We choose to exercise more by ourselves, not because we don't want a personal trainer, but because the cost of a personal trainer is too high. If you think your financial ability is okay, then ask a personal trainer to help you exercise; if you have difficulty finding a personal trainer, then you don't need to find a personal trainer, it takes more effort to learn knowledge.

3. Look at your fitness intentions and stages

More of us go to the gym, maybe to stay healthy, if we can make our body better, so the demand for personal trainers is not very big, if you are working hard for the goal of getting in shape, then if conditions permit Next, having a personal trainer can save you a lot of detours; at the same time, you should also analyze your fitness stage, through the precipitation of time, there is no need for a personal trainer.

To sum up: For fitness, the effect often depends on your attitude towards fitness. It's not that the fitness method is wrong or the time is not enough, but our attitude is not correct, so we need to ask ourselves more when exercising.