Why do men like black stockings?


Everyone has a love for beauty. I heard that when people see a beautiful thing, the brain will secrete a kind of tissue called ammonia, which is pleasant. Men are visual animals. They like beautiful things. Black stockings are an irresistible force for men. No matter whether he likes this woman or not, he will be tempted by black stockings. Black stockings can best outline the relationship between men and this woman. lust and longing, some women don black stockings when they want to seduce a man. So, why do men like black stockings? What kind of psychology is there?


1. The original desire psychology of men

When a man sees a woman wearing black stockings, it actually touches the original desire in a man's heart. Psychologists have proposed libido theory. Psychologist Freud believed that libido comes from the most basic needs of human beings, while the most real needs come from the individual's physiological structure, which can also be improved in acquired moral education. The libido, also known as libido, refers to a force, which can be large or small, and can be used to judge the different processes in a person's physiological field and the abnormal performance of these processes.

2. Visual temptation

As we all know, men are visual creatures themselves, they are not only curious about the body parts of women, but also excited about the whole image. Black is a shrinking color that can make objects appear smaller than they actually are. Therefore, black stockings can set off a woman's leg shape beautifully and have a sense of line, making the woman's legs slender and looming, adding a touch of mystery. It will attract the attention of men more, thereby arousing the desire of men. The temptation of black stockings can most stimulate the senses of men, that is, the first visual perception of human beings, and vision is usually the largest sensory organ that first reaches the human brain.


3. Arouse men's desire to conquer

Men are strange creatures who are constantly thinking about how to conquer the world. Research has found that women wearing black stockings convey a sense of "mystery". The vague sense of "mystery" can arouse the curiosity of men, so they can't help but take a few more glances. Similarly, "black stockings" can arouse men's desire to conquer. This kind of sexy outline of women will immediately touch men's desire for protection, so they will try to approach such women in vain.

4. Skin irritation

Black stockings make people feel very different to the touch. It is different from direct skin contact. The slippery touch will directly cause a man's reaction. Black stockings bring different stimulation. Which man doesn't like this feeling?


5. Create more imagination space

Women wear black stockings, showing a looming sense of mystery, which makes men more imaginative. When they get along with their lovers, they use their imagination to create a romantic atmosphere. The black stockings are charming and sexy, and a thin layer wraps their long white legs, bringing endless imagination. Fully tease his desire, arouse the lust of both parties.

6. Fetish psychology

Psychologists also put forward the concept of "fetish", they believe that some people will take inanimate things as the object of love, especially like a certain kind of thing. Therefore, some men will have special favorite things, such as shoes, earrings, or stockings, etc., which will generate curiosity and attachment. For example, when a child's mother likes to wear stockings, when he is an adult, he will be more impressed with stockings. Infatuation can also arise.