Do you know the cave psychology of men?


The most common phrase that men and women say when they quarrel is: "Let me be alone, I need space!" In fact, this has triggered the cave psychology of men. What exactly is cave psychology? What does a cave mean to a man? Then look down and you will find the answer.

1. Men's cave psychology

A man's "cave" mentality refers to an exclusive place that a man can use to avoid, uninfluenced by others, for self-talk. The term cave comes from evolutionary psychology and refers to early men out hunting and women picking and caring for families and tribes. The men hunted home and returned to the cave without the strength to communicate with their wives or tribe members. I have to retreat in the cave, self-regulate, find ways to transfer emotional stress, or focus on the next day's hunting planning. Women, on the other hand, had more time to communicate with their peers. So when faced with a quarrel or stress, the man will wrap himself up and hide in the cave with only one exit to breathe. Run away from women and don't want to communicate with anyone. Wish there was more private space for self-regulation and silence to wife and outsiders. Women, on the contrary, will talk to their friends about these behaviors when they are under pressure, which can be understood as psychological atavisms, and they are behaviors imprinted in the long-term evolution of human beings.

2. The cave can help strengthen the emotional power of men

When men close themselves, it is when they feel under pressure that they choose to isolate themselves from others, turn inward, and talk to themselves to resolve. Thinking in the cave makes them seem indifferent on the surface. In fact, men don't think like this. They also want to empathize with others, but they just need their own independent space and time. He chose to isolate himself and not communicate, in fact, in order to better deal with the emotional problems of the two people and better empathize with his partner. Without such a buffer outlet, the build-up of stress can lead to mood disturbances, short tempers and even long-term emotional psychological disturbances, leading to prolonged cold wars between the two parties.

3. Caves can help men get more ego time

Social psychology believes that when men face stress, they always choose to internalize and resolve and hide their emotions. When it comes to relationships, both men and women need some self-time. But there are differences between the sexes. Men have a much greater need for self-time than women. Men will often need self-space to deal with more things. Women are often incomprehensible. In addition, men and women have very different definitions of self-time: for women, self-time includes chatting with girlfriends, shopping and partying; for men, "self-time is a complete self-isolation that does not interact with Alone time for people to communicate with. They will feel that this will help them better cope with stress and gain more time.

4. Caves can help men restore self-esteem

Psychologists say that a "cave" is a man's own world, and it is a "hideaway" for a man's spiritual world. Therefore, women at this time must not disturb them easily. A man's self-closing is just an involuntary instinctive reaction, a psychological defense mechanism that a man cannot control. If the woman keeps trying to pull the man out of the cave, it may hurt his self-esteem, upset him more, and stir up his dark side. When a man is under pressure, he doesn't need such help, just let him stay quietly.