How to help men get through the "cave period"?


I believe that everyone has found such a phenomenon: men do not go home immediately after get off work, but choose to stay alone in the car for a period of time, smoking, playing with mobile phones, emptying and so on. This is the man's cave. When a man is upset, he will not go around looking for someone to talk to like a woman, but will retreat into the "cave" and close himself in an independent space that only belongs to himself. Why do men like to hide in "cave"? And how should women face the "cave mechanism" of men? How to better help men get through the "cave period"?

1. Women should give men enough space and time

When men are in a bad mood, they choose to be silent, choose to close themselves, and hide in caves to think about problems. This is because they need to focus their full attention on solving the problem as quickly as possible. Men don't want to annoy or burden others with their problems, they just want to think quietly for themselves and don't want anyone or anything to bother them. At this time, women should stop trying to disturb him, stop getting in the way, stop letting him deal with difficult problems, and put pressure on him. Give the man some time and space and let him handle the problem on his own. After a man has been in the "cave" enough, he will naturally come out by himself.

2. Women should manage their emotions

The closed, silent, and difficult communication of men makes most women anxious. The absence of a man during the "cave period" will quickly affect a woman's mood, she will start to think wildly, which will drive the woman to wrong behavior. When it happens suddenly, women need to calm down first, learn to manage their emotions, and not let it affect their daily life. Don't put all your energy, time and emotion into getting him out of the cave. Rest assured women that being in a cave is normal and healthy for a man who wants to have time and space.

3. Women should learn to listen

Men often go into caves without warning, whether he tells you directly or indirectly through his actions. The best thing a woman can do at this point is listen. Listening represents a concern, and it represents your trust in the way he handles it. It doesn't make sense for a man to give him the appropriate attention without asking him if he needs help. Your focus is limited to supporting him to solve the problem on his own. All you need to do is move on with your life. When a woman can take a step back and support him in solving his own problems without forcing communication with him. A man will feel that his needs are respected, and when that need is met, it is easier for a man to come out of the cave and be ready to take on emotional or family responsibilities.

4. Women should pay attention at the right time

Women don't bother men in the "cave period" most of the time, but if they can take a step back and pay attention to what men need, such as handing a glass of water, or preparing a small snack, then do what to do and keep doing it Let the man stay on his own business. These practices can more substantially help men get out of the cave. Because for men in the "cave period", women's concerns and questions are a burden at this time, and it is far better to keep quiet and keep silent to let men repair themselves.