Why do some men become "feminine"?


We all know that most men like toys like cool cars or metal-transformed steel when they are young, while women like toys like pink and cute Barbie dolls. It cannot be ruled out that there is a type of boy who likes feminine toys, likes to play with girls since childhood, and likes to study the things girls like, such as makeup and perfume, but they are not very interested in things that boys should like. So, what is causing the "feminization" of these men?


1. Reason 1: The individual has gender dislocation

Male "feminization" may be caused by the existence of gender dysphoria in individuals. Gender transgender disorder refers to an individual's psychological inability to identify with their biological gender, and the idea of ​​"changing gender" occurs. Certain male "feminine" behaviors may be the reason why they don't identify with their gender as a boy. Therefore, he will live as a woman, and only by living as a woman will his heart be free from contradictions. In the world, there are already many male feminized people, and even transgender people. These people have always lived as men when they were young. Because of their physical characteristics, they are male, but they are unwilling to identify themselves in their hearts. Because of her gender, she chose surgery to completely turn herself into a qualified woman.

2. Reason 2: Eve Principle

Psychology believes that the personality of an individual can also be caused by genetic reasons. From the perspective of genetics, the "feminization" psychology of men may be due to the lack of male hormones in the mother's embryo, which may cause the fetal brain to show a "feminized" tendency. Psychology Gammane calls it the "Eve Principle." That is to say, the feminization of some boys is innate, brought from the mother's womb.


3. Reason 3: The father's role is missing in the original family

Another reason is that this kind of "feminine" male has lived in a family where the father's role is not obvious since he was a child, or the father's male role has not affected him well. The study found that in the process of male growth, the influence of the father's role accounts for a large part, and the risk-taking in the father and certain boys' personality characteristics have a great impact on a boy's own gender identity and the formation of the corresponding gender. If their fathers don't set the right example or if they often live around women, they are very likely to be feminine to a large extent. Or there are some parents who prefer girls and raise boys as girls. Over time, they will have disidentification or confusion about their biological gender, and some feminization may also appear.

4. Reason 4: Modern culture shock

Another reason for the "feminization" of men is related to the cultural environment. The rapid development of the Internet, the rapid exchange of various cultures around the world, especially the influence of Japanese and Korean cultures, and the fact that modern society has become more and more tolerant, we will not take a holistic view of this masculine and feminine culture. exclusion. When there are clips in film and television when male and female characters are sought after, some teenagers will imitate them. Therefore, in the network culture that was born, a group of male-feminine characters began to appear, and some males also began to deliberately become feminized to gain the attention of others.