Feeding points for dwarf hamsters


When you have a dwarf hamster, you must take full responsibility for it. Don't throw it away because he's a burden or he accidentally bites you and other emergencies. If you are still considering raising a dwarf hamster, then you can choose to adopt rather than buy, the quality of adoption is better than that of purchase. In fact, many hamster lovers are most concerned about keeping their hamsters healthy. In fact, for a new breeder, you can observe his every move, including his facial features, and also understand the health status of the dwarf hamster at this time.


Reflection of dwarf hamster sickness

1. Whether the hair is soft and shiny; if the dwarf hamster is sick, it will fall off;

2. Whether the eyes have God; if the color of the eyes is dull or swollen, and there is eye mucus, this is a sign of disease;

3. Does the nose have a runny nose; if the dwarf hamster has a runny nose, the nose will be dirty, it may be a cold;

4. Whether the ears are clean; if there is earwax or odor, it may be sick;

5. Whether the stool is wet; it may be diarrhea;

6. Loss of appetite; often lying in the corner without eating food;

7. Not very fond of activities;

8. Sudden weight loss;

9. Stiffness somewhere in the body; possibly a tumor,

10. There is a phenomenon of drooling; it may be that the teeth are too long, which will affect the feeding of the dwarf hamster.

If your dwarf hamster encounters the above problems, the simple ones can be dealt with by themselves, and the complicated ones have to take him to see a veterinarian.


Dwarf hamster breeding points

In order to ensure the healthy growth of dwarf hamsters, the arrangement of the living environment is one of them. Healthy food is also very important, especially water. You shouldn't drink tap water for a dwarf hamster because of laziness. It is best to use cold boiled water and change the water every two or three days.

1. Food

Qingjiang vegetables, carrots, pumpkin (green and yellow vegetables are preferred), sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts (do not give too much, 2 is best per week), apples, strawberries, cherries, bananas, grapes (due to sugar content) A lot please don't give too much)

Chicken feed, pigeon feed, bird feed, wheat, corn, millet, etc.

2. Plants

Clover, Dandelion, Pueraria, Plantain

3. Animal protein

Beef, chicken, egg white, yogurt, mealworms, pet fish, goat milk

4. Harmful food

Fruits: almonds, plums, loquats, peaches, peaches, apple seeds (can cause heart palsy, gastrointestinal disorders, breathing difficulties)

Vegetables: Onions, scallion leaves (would destroy blood components), garlic, ginger, leeks, celery (too irritating) leaves and stems of tomatoes and potatoes

Plants: narcissus, tulip, morning glory, rhododendron, orchid, calamus, hyacinth, fern, cyclamen, hydrangea, bellflower, fern, Ellis

Others: Human snacks, cookies, chocolate, coffee (both foods can cause heart palsy), wine, milk


Tonic series:

1. Mealworms: High in protein, they are the holy grail of supplements. Do not feed too much in one day.

2. Dried small fish: Contains calcium and animal protein. Older mice can grind it into a powder and eat it.

3. Nutritional cream: There are two kinds of deep-sea fish oil and cherry flavor on the market, 8 in 1.

4. Nutrient water: available on the market, the price is between 100-150.

5. Glucose water: Glucose can be purchased at pharmacies and fed in a 1:10 mix with water. Can increase appetite.

6. Artificial baby mud: You can buy it in the supermarket, about 0.5cc each time, please keep it in the refrigerator.

7. Small animal milk replacers: Most stores that sell mouse supplies have them. One pack is brewed with 10cc of water. If the hamster drinks less, please decide the amount by yourself, and you need to drink it immediately.

Food that is forbidden to be fed to people. Too much salt and too much seasoning can increase the burden on the hamster. Please keep food in airtight jars and in the refrigerator. Discard food that breeds insects and ants. Do not feed too many fruits and vegetables at one time, which can easily cause diarrhea and death. Most fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, please wash with water and dry before feeding.