7 psychological manifestations of low self-esteem men


We know that in daily life, men need to have enough self-confidence, because in this way they can do everything successfully. Conversely, men with low self-esteem tend to be frizzy and often screw up. So what are the main manifestations of the inferiority complex of men?


Performance 1: Fear of being denied by others

A man with low self-esteem will always remember this thing if he is denied by others. They will always remind themselves to do better next time and not allow themselves to make the same mistakes in the same thing.

Performance 2: Always keep your head down when walking

A man with low self-esteem will show the appearance of walking low, because he is not confident, so he will not strutting. They are always afraid that others will despise them, so they dare not raise their heads for fear of being laughed at by others. However, the more a man thinks like this, the more inferior he will be. Over time, walking with their heads bowed has become an external manifestation of their inferiority complex. Therefore, if you want to become confident, you must learn to walk with your head held high. Self-confidence starts from walking, and you don't care too much about other people's opinions.


Performance 3: Emotional and violent behavior

The more inferior a man is, the more violent he is. On the contrary, the more confident a man is, the more disdainful he is to use violence to conquer women. Because men think they are good enough. In the face of their women, they are willing to show their shortcomings. Such men will feel that these shortcomings will not affect their excellence, but will make women feel that they think he is bad and more attractive. However, men with low self-esteem do not dare to expose their shortcomings too much, for fear that they are not worthy of women. Once a man feels that he has not received the respect he deserves and exceeds his tolerance, it is easy to become emotional and violent behavior such as beating a woman occurs.

Performance 4: Always say that you are not good

When a man with low self-esteem usually does things, he always feels that he can't do this well, and that he can't do well either. If a man does not have self-confidence, because of a small thing, he is afraid of making mistakes, he is afraid of losing face, and he is afraid of being told by others, then it is very difficult to succeed. I don’t have confidence or believe in myself. In fact, I have lost my personal charm. How can I make others believe in me? Everyone in the world is not perfect, and who can do one thing really well? Perfect? ​​Men can only do things well if they give themselves enough confidence.


Performance five: I like to be alone

Generally, men with low self-esteem prefer to be alone and alone. Such men do not want to be in contact with strangers. Even when they are with familiar friends, they will appear relatively silent. Sometimes they do not want to Express your inner thoughts, but inferiority is at play.

Performance six: not talkative, introverted

Men with low self-esteem are generally introverted, rarely participate in group activities and parties, and most of the time do not express their opinions, but remain silent alone. Such a man is often called by women as "a good man who reassures his wife and does not dare to mess around outside". In fact, this is a manifestation of a man's inferiority complex. Because he is afraid of saying the wrong thing in front of everyone, afraid of making a fool of himself and losing face, he is used to not talking, talking less, hiding himself, and protecting himself. In fact, most people will not notice that it is necessary to overcome this inferiority complex and have the courage to express their own ideas.

Performance 7: It is easy to worry about gains and losses in relationships and to be suspicious of each other

Men with low self-esteem are prone to suspicion and jealousy in love, and they are prone to worry about gains and losses in the face of the woman they like. Worrying that he is not worthy of you, so men will often test whether women love him or not, suspicious, suspicious, jealous, happy and sad. Such a man is afraid of being rejected, abandoned, and insecure. In fact, this is more likely to exacerbate the rupture of the relationship. In the face of such a low self-esteem man, women should give more encouragement and try to avoid verbal attacks, contempt, and despised behavior. Give men some encouragement, so that your relationship will be more stable.