6 Reasons Men Have Domestic Violence


In today's marriage, many women are subject to domestic violence by men. Domestic violence has become a common behavior, and domestic violence is every woman's nightmare, and the harm it brings to every member of the family is very serious. So why do men have domestic violence? What is the cause of domestic violence? I think everyone is very curious about the psychology of male domestic violence addiction, so let’s follow the article to see the specific reasons!


Reason 1: The brain structure of men and women is different

Because of the differences in the structure of the brain, there are often sparks between men and women. Men are often at a loss as to why women are angry, and rational solutions often don’t work, when words turn into fists. Women's right brain is more developed, they are good at emotional processing, and they will find solutions to things in a methodical manner. Men mainly deal with things rationally through language information, and it is difficult to control their emotions. Maybe the man's intention is to reconcile, but he can't express his feelings well.

Reason 2: Personality characteristics

Domestic violence has a great relationship with men's emotional control and personality characteristics. Men who are prone to domestic violence may become violent because of early family reasons or personality problems. After the violence, there is a rather gentle period known as the "honeymoon period." During this period, they will hate themselves very much, and women can use this period as an opportunity to open up his heart. For example, women can create a warm environment and have a good chat with him. Whether it is the cause of the violence or a variety of psychological problems, by listening to the conversation, the violence can be resolved peacefully. Through such conversations again and again, men with domestic violence will slowly reflect on themselves and finally correct their mistakes.


Reason 3: Men's violence comes from "unrest"

The reason why men have violent behaviors is also related to psychology. Men's violence comes from "uneasy" psychology. Men are usually not good at expressing, nor will they pour out their inner distress and annoyance. Even if you ask them directly, the answer will only be nothing. Over time, the pressure and anxiety in a man's heart will accumulate and eventually turn into domestic violence.

Reason 4: Patients with schizophrenia

A man with domestic violence can also be schizophrenic. Under the domination of hallucinations and delusions for a long time, they are likely to have serious violent behaviors and self-harm behaviors. During the onset, they often have sensory dysfunction, and sometimes beat their spouses as ghosts, and often beat their relatives with bruised nose, bruised blood, and even maimed.


Reason five: personality disorder

Another major cause of violence stems from personality disorders. According to the research survey, people with a tendency to domestic violence due to personality disorder account for more than 1/4 of the total, and most of them are antisocial personality disorder and impulsive personality disorder. Antisocial personality disorder has a record of violent behavior since childhood, and these patients are not only perpetrators of domestic violence, but also producers of social violence. Not only do they regularly beat their wives, but they also beat their children and threaten their spouses against divorce. Impulsive personality disorder is often manifested in violent behavior because of trivial things. And their spouses cry or threaten to die when they file for divorce.

Reason six: gender discrimination

In domestic violence, the vast majority of perpetrators are men. Some believe in the idea of ​​men being superior to women, and regard domestic violence as a normal family rule or an effective means of forcing women to obey. This is very scary, and women should find out in time and stop it as soon as possible.