The real psychology of men not wanting to get married


In today's society, there are many men who are not too young, but they don't want to find a partner at all, and they look like they don't want to get married at all. No matter how their parents urged, men are just indifferent, and year after year, they are still alone. No matter how anxious the parents are, many men still look like they have nothing to do with them. So, what kind of psychology is it? What are the real psychological reasons why these men don't want to get married?

1. Enjoying one's life and pursuing freedom

There were no entertainment programs in the past, and life alone would be particularly boring. As a result, men want to get married very early on, live with another woman, warm each other, and pass the time. But now the life is very colorful, there are all kinds of delicious food, and all kinds of leisure projects are countless. Even if it is just a mobile phone, a man will not feel bored at home alone and feel that life is boring. Because men can have many ways to pass the time. Therefore, many men enjoy the state of a person's life very much. They go to work when they need to go to work. After work, they can play games when they want to, and they can do whatever they want. This kind of man has long been accustomed to such a life of freedom without being restrained by others. Therefore, when a man feels that there is nothing wrong with living like this, he is really reluctant to change easily.

2. The psychological pressure and high cost of marriage

Getting married to someone and living a life together sounds like a very simple thing. In fact, getting married requires a house and a lot of expenses. After getting married, you need to be responsible for the family and raise children. Men need a lot of money to be able to cope. This pressure, some men may be able to take it casually, but some men can't bear it for a lifetime. Many men's psychological thinking is: supporting themselves is a problem, let alone thinking about marriage. Although a man knows that he is not too young, and many of his peers are already married, he still has no confidence, and has always been reluctant to think about it. He only wants to take care of himself first, and then wait. have a look. There is a mentality of waiting until your income improves and you can take responsibility for a family before getting married.

3. It is too difficult to get along with women, and the psychology of women being difficult to serve

Many men don't understand women, which leads to more and more conflicts in their interactions with women, learned helplessness, forget it, and plan to give up women's psychology. Single men basically have some past relationships too. Because of the experience, they understand very well that it is simple to like, but it is always so difficult to get along with each other. But there will always be disagreements with each other, there will always be a lot of quarrels, and there will always be times when they can't continue. When a man thinks of being with a person again, he will still go from fresh to dull, from feeling that the other person is good to feeling that the other person is full of problems, the man will have some rejection, and he does not want to let himself be in it anymore. Men's psychological dynamics: instead of looking for someone who always blocks themselves, needs to coax, always needs to pay a lot, and spend time for the other party, men have a feeling that they are single, but it seems to be better. This kind of man doesn't get married, and it's not that he doesn't want someone to face everything with him. He really doesn't have the confidence to handle a relationship well. He really doesn't know how to love someone so that they can get along more happily, and such a man really doesn't know how to manage a marriage so that they can both feel happier. In addition, more and more people are getting married and then divorced. They no longer yearn for marriage and do not want to get married anymore. There is a kind of psychology that you don't want to get married until you meet someone who wants to give everything for it, and getting married is not as good as you think.