6 psychology of men who like to talk about ambiguous


Ambiguity is a kind of feeling that friendship is supreme, but love is not full. Ambiguity will make people experience happiness to a certain extent, but it will not last for a long time. Being in such an ambiguous relationship for a long time will also make people tired and troubled. And for feelings like ambiguous, women generally don't like it, but some men like it. What kind of psychology do you have for a man who likes to talk about ambiguous feelings?


1. Constantly looking for psychology

When a man who likes ambiguity constantly pursues in his heart but fails to pursue it, it will prompt him to have ambiguity with other opposite sex. It is easy for them to attribute the theme of love to ambiguous words, deeds and details. In their hearts, love is what it is all about, and in the process of continuous pursuit, men will gradually like this kind of pursuit, and thus fall in love with the ambiguous. emotion.

2. The psychology of not wanting to be restrained

People who step into a relationship need to be loyal to their relationship, so there will be some constraints. And when a man does not want to be bound by emotional loyalty, he will be ambiguous with other women to a certain extent. However, such ambiguous feelings, to a certain extent, will not handle the ambiguous relationship, which will cause both people to be hurt.


3. Lonely psychology

A man who likes to talk ambiguous may be a playboy, and his heart is relatively empty. When a man feels lonely and lonely, he will find another woman to make up for the emptiness and loneliness in his heart, so that he is no longer alone. But in his mind, he doesn't like women much. He may just want to play recklessly in an ambiguous situation, so that he can relieve his loneliness. Such men are mostly scheming, and they are likely to leave you decisively when they get what they want.

4. The psychology of vanity

Vanity is haunting, and men can't help but make ambiguous jokes, even if it is the opposite sex at work, they should be a little tentative. Many men especially like to make ambiguous jokes in front of the opposite sex, because there is a very interesting psychology in social interaction: to satisfy each other's vanity, men are conquered, women are loved, women long for infinite pampering, men The starting point is to conquer countless women. They really want 3,000 harem beauties, but they will never stop. They also want more and better companionship of the opposite sex. On the road of conquest, it can be said that there is no end, only progress.


5. The psychology of not wanting to take responsibility

Men think that the advantage of being ambiguous is that they don't have to be responsible, they don't have to like each other, but they are reluctant to feel this way. Some people are because their family is not so happy and boring. They can come into contact with all kinds of things through ambiguous There are sexy and cute women, which will make their lives interesting, and will naturally be immersed in such ambiguity.

6. The psychology of wanting to quickly advance feelings

If a man wants to move a relationship quickly, it is easy to direct dopamine to his brain, he speaks ambiguous words, shows intimacy between his eyes and behavior, and always treats you like a hooligan. In fact, if he pays a lot to you, and gives you a lot The warmth and love in reality is enough to prove that his heart is sincere and worthy of your trust and recognition. In heterosexual relationships, men pay more attention to the results, while women care more about the process, so men and women have different tendencies to fall in love.