Why do men like the psychology of competition?


We have some stereotypes about male and female brains. For example, the female brain corresponds to a talkative, neurotic, lack of desire to win, but has a good memory and can take care of others. On the other hand, the male brain is more calm. Although it is easy to be impulsive, it can concentrate on work without interruption. The more intense the competition in the workplace, the more passionate it is. It seems that men love competition, men take pride in competition, and enjoy competition. Men see competition as an integral part of perfecting their personality. They have a sense of competition, and it seems that there is a war, and the strong prey on the weak. So why are men more competitive than women? It can be divided into the following reasons:


Reason 1: Men think losing to women is a shame

Almost all men think it's a shame to lose to a woman at work. The reason is that men are afraid of losing to women, they are afraid of losing their jobs and losing face. But there are usually no violent head-on conflicts with women. The reason is that he thinks that would be detrimental to a man's demeanor and not enough to show his strength. Therefore, they usually take the quiet, and he thinks is the most effective means. For example, concocting rumors that women are inferior, saying that women's work ability is much worse than men's; or attacking women personally, saying that they lose to women because of their sex, people are willing to believe, and no one will laugh at him.


Reason 2: Physiological hormones

The main reason for liking or not liking competition is due to a hormone called testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that is secreted by both men and women. Men, women, people from different regions and different living environments have different testosterone levels, and their attitudes towards competition are different. This hormone can increase explosive power, fitness, and competitive status. Women's testosterone is only one-seventh of men's, so low basal testosterone levels affect women's competitive spirit.

Reason 3: Men tend to overestimate themselves

Women are more rational in the face of competition. When he feels that the probability of success is not high enough, she may choose not to participate, while men tend to overestimate their competitive advantages. This is one of the reasons why men love competition. There are also people who love competition very much, and others don't want to compete with him. Some people do not like competition, and always want to live in peace with their opponents and be friends. Some men were originally strong, but under pressure they fell off the chain at a critical moment, and they had to fight to the death.


Reason four: acquired environment shaping

In addition, the shaping of the acquired environment is also one of the reasons that affect male love competition. After all, in the face of a society with scarce resources, participating in a certain competition will bring you more freedom of choice. The rapidly developing social environment has led to the crisis that men will be eliminated if they do not work hard. So many men put competition first. Men won't admit defeat, and they don't like to admit defeat. Without competition, their life will lose its meaning. But most women can only work until they have children, women are too sentimental to take on important responsibilities, especially during menstruation, women get sick more than men and so on. Women also have shorter working lives than men unless they never marry. Women will also become Buddhist after giving birth to a child. Imagine that when we face a Buddhist child or a Buddhist subordinate, there is bound to be no pressure of excessive competition, so it can also be understood from another perspective. the rationale for their existence.