Should you eat breakfast first or exercise first?


Morning exercise is the choice of most middle-aged and elderly friends. Middle-aged and elderly friends like to use morning exercise to exercise, but do you know some precautions for morning exercise? For example, should you eat or exercise first in your morning exercise? Many people do not have a correct understanding of this problem, resulting in the ineffectiveness of exercise.

Should you eat breakfast or exercise first?

It is best to exercise before breakfast. Unless you can ensure that you start exercising 2 hours after breakfast, morning exercise immediately after breakfast is likely to cause indigestion. However, when people's blood sugar is low in the morning, exercising on an empty stomach will consume a lot of blood sugar, which will lead to symptoms of hypoglycemia in some people.

Therefore, it is best to drink 2 glasses of water after getting up to thin the blood, and then eat a little food. For example, 2 or 3 crackers, preferably some honey water if possible. Not only does honey water raise blood sugar levels, it also provides energy for exercise. Waiting after morning exercise 30-45 minutes before eating your regular breakfast.

In addition, after a night of metabolism in the morning, plants will exhale a lot of carbon dioxide, which will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in places with many trees, which is not conducive to human absorption. If you must exercise in the morning, preferably after the sun is out.

In fact, the best time for people to exercise is 3-5pm. At this time, the endurance of the person increases, the muscle temperature is high, the blood viscosity is the lowest, the joints are the most flexible, and the most suitable for exercise. Of course, once the daily exercise time is relatively fixed and there are no symptoms of physical discomfort, there is no need to change it easily. Doing morning exercise on an empty stomach right after waking up is absolutely harmful, you should at least drink a glass of water and eat something high in calories.

What should I pay attention to in the morning exercise diet?

From the above information, we can know that eating before morning exercise will bring a great burden to the stomach. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the diet of morning exercise.

1. Sufficient water should be added 20 to 30 minutes before morning exercise.

When drinking water, drink slowly, little by little, because the kidneys need a certain amount of time to metabolize, so that the kidneys can excrete excess water from the body.

2. The elderly or the infirm are generally advised to eat breakfast before morning exercise to avoid symptoms such as hypoglycemia, dizziness, vertigo, palpitation, and nausea.

3. If you are full before morning exercise, especially moderate-intensity brisk walking or jogging, you must avoid morning exercise immediately after breakfast, otherwise it may be harmful to the stomach, and morning exercise should be performed about 1 hour apart.

4. You can eat some cereals before the morning exercise, such as a small bowl of porridge, or a piece of bread and steamed bread. Eat a full breakfast after your morning workout, including staples such as high-protein foods and vegetables. This can not only avoid hypoglycemia during exercise, but also avoid affecting gastrointestinal function.

5. After waking up, the human body may be in a state of semi-dehydration. Therefore, it is necessary to drink half warm water before exercising.

6. If you have blood sugar problems during exercise, you must pay attention to replenishing energy, because in the morning when the blood sugar index is the lowest, drinking some juice can avoid nausea and weakness.

7. Before morning exercise, pay attention to eating a small amount of carbohydrate foods, such as bread, cereals, bananas, steamed bread, etc., to avoid the symptoms of hypoglycemia caused by morning exercise. But remember not to eat too much, otherwise it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort during morning exercise.

Modern people pay more and more attention to their physical health. In our daily life, we all advocate more exercise and more fitness, which can bring good results to our health. But you should also pay special attention to your diet when exercising. Don't let the wrong diet ruin the effect of exercise.