What to do if the Labrador is sick


Just like people, Labrador retrievers are bound to be injured, sick, ingested, etc. during their growth. For the first-time dog owner, it is indeed a little anxious when encountering an accident. Dogs can get sick just like humans, and in case of emergency, the cause should be identified in time or sent to a veterinary hospital for medical treatment.

What are the symptoms of Labrador dog poisoning?

Labrador retrievers can be poisoned by eating spoiled food or drugs, especially mice killed by drugs. Several criteria for judging dog poisoning:

1. Abnormal behavior: The Labrador appears to be shaking, leaning, unable to maintain balance, agitated, drooling, seizures, and even loss of consciousness.

2. Bleeding: rodenticides inhibit the coagulation function of animals. So the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth of a Labrador retriever who ingested rat poison would bleed nonstop.

3. Labradors may experience symptoms such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, or open breathing.

When it is found that the dog has symptoms of poisoning, it is best to first check what is missing in the house and whether there is anything suspicious around the Labrador, so that you can initially know the cause of the poisoning, and when you bring the Labrador to the Tell the doctor about the symptoms when you are in the hospital, so that the doctor can prescribe the right medicine.


What should I do when my Labrador is sick and convulsed?

We all love our pets very much. Although at the beginning, we may not like Labradors very much at first, like Pomeranian and Bichon Frise, but as long as we get along for a while, we will find that Labradors are actually very cute, and we also hope Keep them healthy and strong. If we get sick or something happens, we are also sad.

When a Labrador puppy cramps, the owner must not panic. It is important to calm down before helping your Labrador retriever through an emergency.

Symptoms: Labrador Retriever is sick with convulsions, stiffness, inability to close mouth, mouth breathing, tongue sticking out.

Treatment method: Don't touch the Labrador dog's body first, and quickly remove the items around the Labrador dog to prevent the Labrador dog from accidentally bumping into the Labrador dog during the cramp. to other things.

At this time, while confirming whether the Labrador is breathing normally, wait for the Labrador to calm down; when it returns to calm, immediately take off the dog's collar and quickly send it to the animal hospital. And the veterinarian described in detail the process and phenomenon of the dog's convulsions at that time.


What should I do if my Labrador gets motion sickness?

Motion sickness is not a sickness, and the consequences are not serious. Labrador puppy vomits while riding in a car, probably motion sickness, let him calm down and take a break to get used to it. Some dogs never get motion sickness again after a few times of motion sickness. If your Labrador also has the habit of motion sickness, don't let him eat or drink before traveling, and take motion sickness medicine.

What should I do if my labrador is bitten by a bug?

For allergic reactions to insect bites, primarily hives, Labradors may experience breathing difficulties and should contact a veterinarian immediately.

Wasp sting: Its venom is alkaline, so a weak acid such as vinegar should be used to clean the wound.

Bee stings: Try using tweezers to remove the bee's needles, which look like short black hairs. Bee stings are acidic and can be cleaned with soapy water.

Mites and lice bites: Mites and lice can cause skin problems and are usually no big deal with immediate treatment, shaving, medicated baths, and deworming.