How to Use Acidic Products for Skin Care


Recently, it is very popular to use acidic skin care products for skin care, but many people do not know how to use them, resulting in improper use and facial damage. So today, let’s talk about the benefits of acidic skin care products and how to use acidic skin care products.

The benefits of acidic products

There are many benefits of acidic products, otherwise so many people would not choose to use acidic products, then let's talk about the specific benefits of acidic products. The first benefit is that it can eliminate acne and reduce facial problems. Acidic products can make us have a good skin condition. The second benefit is to stimulate collagen regeneration, giving our face a radiant glow. The third benefit is oil control. If oily skin is used properly, it will have a good oil control effect and help us to condition the skin. The fourth benefit is to relieve the sensitivity problems of sensitive skin, and it can also condition the skin texture problems of sensitive skin. The fifth benefit is that it has a good exfoliating effect, which can make our skin smooth and soft. The sixth benefit is the ability to whiten and firm the skin. The benefits of acid products go far beyond that, the above are the basic benefits of acid products.

Skin care method of acidic products

The skin care method of acidic products is very simple. Let's talk about the specific methods. The first method is to choose only one acid product that suits you and avoid using two acid products at the same time. The second method is that acid brushing and whitening cannot be carried out at the same time, and can be carried out separately every other day. The third method is because the strength of acidic products will be relatively large, so everyone first try it on your hands to see if it will cause adverse reactions, and apply it locally when you apply it on the face. The fourth method is to pay attention to deep moisturizing after using acidic products. The places that have been brushed with acid will be extremely dehydrated. If you do not replenish water in time, the skin will be dry and even peeling. The fifth method is that if you have sensitive skin or if your face is inflamed at this time, you should first ask a professional if you can use acidic skin care products.

People who are suitable for acidic products

Acidic products are not for everyone. Acidic skin care products are suitable for oily and mixed oily skin. For example, oily skin or those who produce a lot of oil within a period of time, salicylic acid, fruit acid, mandelic acid, etc. can be properly controlled to achieve a balanced state of the skin. Or we can choose suitable skin care products by measuring the pH of our skin. We can go to the pharmacy to buy a PH test strip, dip the test strip in clean water, and then stick it on the skin of our face for testing. Before testing, pay attention to only use After washing your face with water, you can test it. Don’t apply skin care products before the test. Check the PH value of our face after the test. If the value is greater than 6, it means that our skin is alkaline. When buying skin care products, you should choose weak acid skin care products. On the contrary, if the value is lower than 5, it means that you have an acidic skin type. At this time, you should choose relatively alkaline skin care products when purchasing skin care products.

The above are the benefits and application methods of acidic skin care products. If you want to try acidic skin care products at this time but don’t know how to use them, you can try them according to the methods in this article. If you stick to it for a long time, you will definitely see the effect.