The fastest way to thin legs


Under normal circumstances, the gastrocnemius muscle looks more developed, and the calf without the gastrocnemius muscle does not look beautiful, so the gastrocnemius muscle should be properly present. Under normal circumstances, the gastrocnemius muscle is not visible when exerting force, and only appears when relaxing. Thick calves will affect our image. A person's aesthetics are viewed from the bottom up, and a pair of thick calves directly affects the degree of beauty.
The fastest way to thin legs
As long as 8 steps, you can quickly thin your calves, break through the limit of beautiful legs, and help you create beautiful leg lines.
For thin legs Method 1: Back lunges and push the wall
Time: Hold for 30 seconds
Exercise times: 2 times a day, 3 cycles each time
Efficacy: Exercise calf muscles
Action 1: Stand 30cm away from the wall, raise both hands in front of your chest, and push against the wall.
Action 2: Take a big step back with your left leg and bend your right knee to form a lunge. Be careful to keep your left leg straight. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch sides to do the same. Do the cycle 3 times.
For thin legs Method 2: Armchair with toes
Time: Hold for 1 second
Exercise times: 2 times a day, 3 cycles each time, 15 times each cycle.
Efficacy: Use the strength of the body to strengthen the calf muscles
Action 1: Stand on the back of the chair with your head up and your chest up, your feet slightly open and hip-width apart, and hold the back of the chair with both hands.
Action 2: Slowly put your toes on tiptoe, your chest stretches forward, the muscles of your abdomen and buttocks are tense, and your legs are straight. After holding for 1 second, slowly lower your heels, be careful not to let your heels touch the ground when lowering, and then lift your toes. 15 times as a cycle, repeat 3 cycles.
Skinny legsMethod 3: Twist ankles in sitting position
Frequency of exercise: 2 times a day, each time you twist your legs 5 times
Efficacy: Strengthen the calf muscles and key ligaments of the ankle
Action 1: Do it on a chair, keep your back close to the back of the chair, keep your spine straight, put your hands on the chair surface, hang your right foot naturally, raise your left foot horizontally, and extend your toes forward.
Action 2: Rotate your toes clockwise 5 times. Be careful not to move your knees when you rotate. Then switch sides and do the same.
For thin legs Method 4: Rubber band to move the ankle
Time: Hold for 1 second
Exercise times : 2 times a day, 3 cycles each time, each cycle repeats 15 times
Efficacy: Exercise leg muscles and ankle joints
Action 1: Do it naturally on the floor, support your body with your hands behind your back, bend your right foot naturally, straighten your left foot, and let your partner use rubber bands to help fix your toes and ankles.
Action 2: Slowly move the ankle from the inside to the outside, hold for 1 second, then from the outside to the inside, repeat 15 times as a cycle, do 3 cycles for each leg.
Four misunderstandings that thin legs must know
Myth 1: In fact, the muscles of the legs are the most difficult part of the body to lose weight, and also the most likely place to accumulate fat. The calf is more difficult to lose than the thigh, so thin calf is easy to say thin calf, thin calf is to lose fat and burn fat, so it is almost impossible to relax.
Myth of skinny legsMisunderstanding 2:Skinny legs has little to do with eating fruit. For a normal meal, 6-8% of each meal is enough to be full, dinner is also like this, and snacks are also To be restrained, try not to eat.
Misunderstanding 3: The most effective method for thin legs may not be suitable for your physique. You can try the effect first.
Misunderstanding 4 of thin calf: If the calf is thick, don't lose weight all over the body.
The reason for the fat calf
Reason 1: Genetic influence
Naturally, the calf bones are not slender enough, and the calf belly is large.
Solution: Stretch the Achilles tendon, elevate the calf muscles, reduce the slack muscles in this area, convert them into energy muscles, and change the direction of the muscles.
Reason 2: I like to wear shoes that are not suitable for me
Because the calf line is not very beautiful, I want to use stilettos to lengthen the calf, but because the calf bears excessive weight, the force of the leg begins to move outward, causing the calf muscle to become more and more everted.
Solution: When walking, place the center of gravity on the center of the foot; do not take the "eight" step, but take a straight step; do not wear shoes that are too high and the heels are too thin.