Features and outfits for an apple-shaped body


Dressing well is what every woman is looking for, so how to make it look good? First of all, you must have a clear understanding of your own conditions, what kind of figure you are, highlight the advantages of your figure, and cover up the shortcomings of your figure so that you can have a good-looking outfit. This article is mainly aimed at the apple-shaped body, and expands on the characteristics of the apple-shaped body, the clothes suitable for the apple-shaped body, and how to improve the existing problems of this body.

Characteristics of an apple-shaped body

The apple-shaped body is characterized by a relatively wide upper body and more belly fat. The characteristics of the lower body are opposite to those of the upper body. Women with this type of body usually have less fat in the lower body and belong to a body type with a slender and slender lower body. Another feature is that although the upper body has more fat, the arms are usually thinner. The last feature is that the chest will be fuller, but the hips will be flat. Therefore, in view of these characteristics, we mainly want to cover the characteristics of more abdominal fat, and focus more on the lower body. At the same time, we should highlight the characteristics of the graceful lines of our legs.


What to wear for an apple-shaped body

According to the characteristics of this type of figure, we can summarize some of the most suitable outfits. First of all, because our chest will be relatively plump, we can choose some outfits that protrude from the chest to show our curves, such as "V" neck, low neck, "A" neck and other tops. While protruding the chest, be careful not to wear necklaces that are too decorative to avoid the phenomenon that the upper body is decorated too much but the lower body is not. Secondly, what we should pay attention to is that instead of choosing a tight-fitting upper body, we should choose a relatively loose outfit around the waist and abdomen, which can cover our abdominal fat. While covering our shortcomings, we should also show our strengths and choose some outfits that can reveal our legs, such as shorts, short skirts, etc., but don’t wear heavy shoes or tight jeans to shorten our legs . Then when choosing the lower body to wear, be careful not to wear a lot of folds, you can choose a back pocket to plump our buttocks. By dressing, we can make our body proportions so abrupt.


Improvement of apple-shaped body

The apple-shaped body actually has hidden dangers, because the upper body fat is more accumulated around the internal organs than the "pear"-shaped body, so the improvement of the body cannot be ignored. We need to strengthen abdominal training, such as planks or sit-ups to achieve the effect of burning belly fat. Pay attention to diet while exercising. Most of the apple-shaped body will have low gastrointestinal digestive function or constipation. Therefore, it is necessary to use more dietary fiber, that is, fruits and vegetables, to help our stomach digest better. The last thing is to avoid sitting for a long time and sitting down immediately after eating. Long-term sitting and improper sitting posture are also the reasons for more abdominal fat. Sitting for a long time will cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen and waist, and it will also compress our internal organs, so if You have a habit of sitting for long periods of time, sitting in a bad posture, or sitting down immediately after eating, and you must change it from now on. There is no body that can't lose weight, as long as you stick to it, you will see results.


After reading this article, everyone has a certain understanding of the characteristics, dressing and improvement methods of the apple-shaped body. If you also want to be a fashionista, be sure to try the above, when you try, you will find that you have an amazing change. Looking forward to more beautiful us.