What are the common mental illnesses?


Don't think that mental illness is far away from us, and some seemingly happy people actually suffer from mental illness. Mental illness is very common, and everyone has more or less symptoms of mental illness, but the degree of existence is only. So, do you know what common mental illnesses are? The following is an introduction to you.

1. Neurosis

Such people's psychology itself has brain tissue lesions or personality defects, and it is more obvious after excessive stressful mental stimulation. Usually lack of communication with their own psychology, very self and subjective in life, often living in the shadow of various fears, insecure and pursuing a sense of security, making the body and mind not relaxed enough. Having painful experiences and not being able to enjoy life is a functional disorder, with full self-knowledge. The main treatment for these diseases is through drug therapy.


2. Obsessive-compulsive disorder

The psychology of such people must be done with their own principles or habits for trivial matters, otherwise they will feel very uncomfortable. Many people have such manifestations, such as forced objects, all things must be put away according to their own psychological way, and returned to their original places after use; forced behavior, can not see the curling of the book, can not see the clothes pilling, etc., There are many forms of expression. The main treatment for this type of disease is to look away, to divert one's attention.

3. Anxiety

Such people's psychology often suppresses their psychological aggression, withdraws and evades responsibility. Be anxious and nervous about all problems, don’t know what to do and how to solve them, are unwilling to take on faults and responsibilities caused by a positive life, are afraid and unable to grasp the situation of life, and want to give up while accepting responsibility All the ways to vent, and finally turn to attack yourself. It is caused by the comprehensive factors of personality and life. The main treatment method for this kind of disease is that everyone must learn to be satisfied and strive to live in a real life.

4. Social phobia

Such people usually have low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and fear of being with outsiders and things. Introverts feel that they do not fit in and cannot talk to others; extroverts feel that their publicity makes people jealous, and some people will harm them secretly. Not being able to penetrate other people's hearts seems to be their own fault. This is a combination of high psychological demands and a biased understanding of the objective world. The main treatment for this type of disease is to relieve anxiety and fear through hypnosis, cognitive, drug, physical and other treatment methods, and use drugs to adjust balance.


5. Schizophrenia

The psychology of such people is usually outgoing and carefree towards those close to them, introverted towards strangers, unwilling to communicate, and their emotions are repeated. There are four common psychological types of schizophrenia: adolescent psychological type, paranoid psychological type, nervous psychological type and simple psychological type.

6. Depression

The psychology of such people is usually not interested in everything around them, which is an obvious and persistent psychological disorder. Mainly due to childhood trauma, long-term accumulation of negative emotions and so on. The current treatment methods for these diseases mainly rely on the combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy. The international advanced drug therapy method can achieve great improvement in 2/3 of the sample patients through the comprehensive treatment of several courses of several types of drugs.

7. Anorexia

The psychology of such people usually lacks acceptance by others, and they try to make the emptiness disappear through anorexia, so as to achieve spiritual self-satisfaction. One type is anorexia nervosa: excessive ascetic thoughts, rejection of all physical and physical needs, habitual anorexia is dieting for various reasons, and after a long time, a habitual conditioning is formed, loss of food interest of. The main treatment for this type of disease is to increase exercise appropriately, secrete dopamine, and become interested in food after consuming a lot of physical energy.