American Shorthair Personality


The American Shorthair cat is simple and cute in appearance and has a very well-behaved personality. It is human and emotional. As long as it is gentle and loving when raised, it will be very close to its owner, and there is no need to worry if there are children at home. The American Shorthair is also very friendly to children.

Character of the American Shorthair cat

1. Naughty athlete

Perhaps inherited from his parents' skills of catching mice on cargo ships, the American Shorthair's athleticism was revealed at birth. These eye-opening little ones will use their mom's tummy as a playground, and you'll find they love to constantly change positions and move around even while breastfeeding. Therefore, young American Shorthair cats are rarely seen sitting quietly. These athletic talents tend to diminish with age, but an American Shorthair should never be left sitting still all day, so playing with them regularly is the best way to bond with them. Of course, they are also very sensible, and will never yell at you to let you down from work. When the need arises, these smart little guys will sit next to their favorite toy and stare at you with wide-eyed eyes.

2. Almighty cat

For cat lovers, American Shorthairs are all-rounders, they have all the good qualities of cats, they can be cute, playful, quiet and independent, these extremely smart little guys always know what you mean and know exactly How to do. In addition, their great adaptability allows them to take a variety of environments with ease. Can play with other breeds of cats and even dogs who love to play with children. The neat short hair, graceful figure, athletic temperament and independent gentle personality make their owners feel relaxed and happy. So, if you also yearn for such a life, the American Shorthair will definitely help you achieve it, rather than become your trouble.

3. Do not love sick cats

Not only are American Shorthair cats beautiful, they are also very strong and rarely get sick from birth. Under normal circumstances, its average lifespan can reach 15-20 years. Such a strong guy only needs to go to the pet hospital for a routine health check every year. It can be said to save a lot of medical expenses for the owner. Because of this, this healthy cat also has a place in the "longevity" cat breed.

How to take care of American Shorthair cats

The care of an American Shorthair with a beautiful coat is very simple. As long as you set aside a little time every day, hold it in your arms and gently stroke it with warm hands, it is the best care for it. Because this can help it transmit the oil needed by the coat, making it more shiny.

American Shorthair cats have a lot of hairballs in their stomachs, so feeding them regular spitball cream will help them clear the hairballs and help them take care of their guts.

The American Shorthair has a gentle temperament and does not change due to changes in environment or mood. They are always patient, amiable, don't lose their temper, don't like loud noises, and are perfect for families with young children.

American Shorthairs are very energetic and do not have the lazy dispositions of other cats. Therefore, it is best to have cat furniture such as cat climbing frames at home to reduce energy consumption.

Generally speaking, American Shorthair cats are easy to care for. You don't have to worry about it's bad personality and the kids in the house can't get along. Don't worry about its care, if you have kids at home and don't have much time to take care of cats, then the American Shorthair is the best choice for you. Of course, since the cat was brought home, it must be a family, and it still takes a certain amount of time to accompany and take care of it, otherwise the cat will be sad.