How to lose weight for a husky


Although huskies seem to be indifferent and ruthless, they are actually very friendly, gentle and warm to people. Huskies like to interact with people is a very typical character. Guard dogs usually don't show a strong sense of territorialism, are not too suspicious of strangers, and don't attack other dogs. Many people love huskies and are very loyal to their owners, and it is very important for a loyal husky to have a healthy body.
How to lose weight for huskies
If the domestic husky is too fat, it will not only lose its beauty, but also make the dog lazy and unable to perform its duties, so pay attention to losing weight in time.
Generally speaking, a dog whose body weight exceeds 10% of the standard body weight of the dog is obese.
The main methods for huskies to lose weight are:
1. Eat less starchy and fatty foods, reduce the content of starchy and fatty foods in dog food, and increase fish soup, inner soup and vegetable foods.
2. Stop eating snacks. Dogs like to ask their owners for food, so if they want to lose weight, they should stop eating sweets and candy snacks.
3. If you want to lose weight, you need to prevent constipation. You can appropriately increase dog food - some vegetables containing fiber and sugary foods containing more fatty acids can make the intestines laxative.
In the process of losing weight, there should be a gradual transition, and there should be no sudden and large reduction in calories, but only one feeding reduction.
How to control the food intake of huskies
The amount of food a husky eats is a big issue. If you eat too much, you will gain weight; if you eat too little, you will be prone to malnutrition. Therefore, it is very important to control the food intake of the husky.
The first thing to note is not to feed your husky with leftovers. Many people think that what people eat is very nutritious, or they feed their dogs with leftovers for fear of wasting or saving time. But leftovers are often mixed with sharp fish bones or fish bones, which can cause huskies to injure their mouths and, in severe cases, cause infection. So for the safety of your husky, don't be lazy in the first place and feed them with leftovers.
Second, the food you feed your husky, whether it's animal food, grains, or vegetables, should be washed and heated to prevent poisoning. Especially in summer, food is more prone to spoilage.
1. Puppies: During their formative years, puppies eat like crazy. If the feeding amount is not properly controlled, the husky is easy to eat, so it is necessary to control the husky's food intake at this time. But it also has to be said that if feeding too little will lead to malnutrition of the husky, the best way is to refer to the reference feeding amount of different weights and different growth periods on the dog food bag.
2. Older Huskies: Older huskies have indigestion, and secondly, many diseases in older huskies are exacerbated by too much protein in the food. Fortunately, the appetite of dogs also declines as they enter old age, so controlling food intake does not seem to be particularly difficult for older huskies.
3. Obese Huskies: Some dog breeds are naturally prone to gain weight, such as Pugs, Bulldogs, Pekingese, etc., so pay more attention to food intake than Huskies when feeding.
4. Spayed huskies: neutered huskies are easy to gain weight and have a good appetite. In order to reduce other diseases caused by obesity, huskies will be fed and limited in food intake after neutering and wound recovery.
Controlling what a husky eats can be really difficult at times. Usually, we can't stand the expectant eyes of dogs. To deal with greedy dogs, if we just want them to eat less, we can just give them pure dog food.
Precautions for feeding huskies
First, there should be proper exercise every day. You can't just follow the husky's will, sometimes several times a day, sometimes once a few days. They should be allowed to move freely for a few minutes to defecate before outdoor traction. During the exercise, keep the correct walking posture, keep an appropriate distance from the owner, and correct the walking habit of forward or backward, left or right.
Secondly, when the husky is still young, give the dog a little more care. Also, the puppy is in a developmental stage and should be given some nutritious food.
Third, you should change the route of your exercise frequently and not follow the same fixed route every day. When exercising, prevent huskies from sniffing feces or other things left by other dogs with their noses, and don't let dogs touch them. Do not keep huskies in places where people or other dogs gather to prevent the spread of certain diseases.
Fourth, in our life, try not to let huskies blow air conditioners, which will cause huskies to have diarrhea and air conditioner diseases, so we must pay attention to this aspect.
5. Vaccinate huskies on time every year and deworm them regularly. When a husky is in heat, if you don't want to be a "grandfather" or "grandma" soon, you should focus on taking care of her when she is in heat, or take the husky to a pet hospital for sterilization.