Curly hair care options and steps


Now many women will choose perm to make themselves look more bright and beautiful, and make the whole person's mental outlook different. But permed curls aren't permanent, so be sure to take extra care of your curls to make them last longer. To a certain extent, perming will damage our hair, but many people always perm their hair again and again for beauty. After a long time, the hair will become dry and frizzy, and it is easy to break. Therefore, after perm, we also need to strengthen curling care to repair hair damage and make hair look more shiny. Below is a detailed explanation of the options, methods, and benefits of curly hair care.

Selection of curly hair care

Everyone's hair is different, so choose the products that work for you when it comes to curly hair care. If your curly hair is looser, opt for a more moisturizing conditioner to make your hair look more hydrated. Then if your curly hair is fine, you can choose thicker hair care products. Friends with dry curly hair should also choose moisturizing hair care products. If it is really dry, you can use some oily hair care products. If your hair is damaged after a perm, such as split ends, breakage, etc., you should choose functional hair care products for your damage.

Steps of curly hair care

Curly hair care steps are actually not very difficult. First, wash your hair with shampoo, do not squeeze the shampoo directly on the hair, first properly rub the shampoo out of the foam and put it on the hair, so that every hair can be washed. After applying shampoo, rinse off with clean water. Then choose a conditioner that suits you, and let the conditioner stay on your hair for more than five minutes, or 15-20 minutes if the damage is serious. Wash off with cold water, which protects the natural oils on our scalp. This is the first step of shampooing. If your hair is difficult to comb, you can use a comb to gently comb the hair first during the step of rinsing the conditioner. After rinsing, we can choose hair care oil according to our hair type to make our hair more lustrous. If we want to keep our curly hair longer or make the curls more curved, at this time, we can choose the elastic element that suits us after the above steps to maintain the curly hairstyle. The above are the steps of hair care. The next step is to dry the hair. It is best to let the hair dry naturally at this step to avoid secondary damage caused by the high temperature of the hair dryer. Curly hair does require more steps than normal hair care, but if you follow the above steps for curly hair care, it will definitely make your curls look more beautiful and smooth.

The benefits of curly hair care

Curly hair care is definitely beneficial. Curly hair care can quickly replenish the lost moisture and mineral elements of the hair just after perm, make the hair more tough and elastic after perm, and remove the residual chemical smell on the hair after perm. In addition to this benefit, the benefits of curly hair care are that it keeps our curly hairstyles in place for a longer period of time for our beauty.

After reading so many tips, steps and benefits of curly hair care, you must have a clearer understanding. Having beautiful hair can continue to accompany us and give us an unprecedented sense of confidence. No matter where we go, it is a beautiful landscape. Therefore, care must be done after the perm, otherwise it will have adverse effects on the hair. It's a big one, and it's worth paying attention to. Let's work together for our beauty!