8 misunderstandings of cleaning women's private parts


Vagina is the most mysterious place for women, and it is also the triangle area that is most likely to hide dirt. Bacterial infections and illnesses can easily develop if daily care is not done well. Therefore, specialized cleaning is required to keep the private parts clean and healthy. So, what misunderstandings should women pay attention to when cleaning their private parts?
8 misunderstandings about women's private parts Cleaning
Private parts Clean Misunderstanding 1: Using health-care private parts cleaning products will destroy your own defense function
Some women are very concerned that personal hygiene products will undermine their defenses and induce inflammation. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Such products will not cause damage as long as the pH value is defined between 4-4.5, which is close to the pH value of the human body. Of course, it must be cleaned.
Private partsClean Myth 2: Private parts cleaning shower gel can prevent STDs
No amount of private cleaning products can prevent STDs. Gonorrhea, which causes gonorrhea, Treponema pallidum, which causes syphilis, and papillomavirus, which causes condyloma acuminatum, can be transmitted directly to the cervix and even into the uterine cavity. Therefore, washing the vagina with various private parts cleaning products afterwards cannot wash away these pathogenic substances.
The best way to prevent STDs is to pay attention to your own behavior or use condoms. In short, private cleaning products cannot prevent STDs.
Private partsClean Myth 3: Are Chinese herbal lotions safer?
Although Chinese herbal medicine has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, it should also be used under the guidance of a doctor. Moreover, Chinese herbal medicine has a short shelf life and is prone to spoilage and mildew. This kind of private cleaning product is harmful after use, especially now some illegal pharmaceutical companies add chemical ingredients to the private parts cleaning products of traditional Chinese medicine to achieve certain therapeutic purposes, which should arouse the vigilance of consumers and related patients.
Private partsClean Myth 4: It can help women prevent inflammation
For vaginal care, many people will take it for granted that cleanliness and frequent washing and changing are definitely not wrong. As a result, if the genitals feel not dry and comfortable enough, they are rinsed and washed with lotion. This is a habitual action for many women, and some people even insist on daily vaginal douching. As everyone knows, this is a big misunderstanding. In fact, the vagina of a healthy woman, like the mouth, usually grows dozens of bacteria, but it is peaceful because of the existence of the "guardian" of the vagina. Lactobacillus is one of the "guardians". It can decompose glycogen in vaginal cells into lactic acid, so that the vagina maintains a certain acidity, thereby limiting the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. However, the ingredients of lotion such as vinegar, water, and antibacterial agents often wash out harmful bacteria from the vagina, and at the same time, they also kill the bacteria that protect the human body, thereby destroying the local acidic environment, making the vagina unable to work normally, and realizing self-realization. Protect. To make matters worse, if the method is wrong during the douching process, the germs will wait for the opportunity to "free ride" and be driven to the depths of the vagina and even the depths of the uterus.
Private partsClean Myth 5: It can prevent pregnancy
Some people use vaginal douching to prevent conception. After ejaculation, sperm can travel through the cervical canal to the uterine cavity within minutes. When the woman washed carefully, the "vanguard" of the sperm "army" had already entered the uterine cavity to "camp".
Private partsClean Myth 6: It can effectively remove odors
There are women who do vaginal douching to get rid of odors. In fact, what many people think of as vaginal odor is just the natural odor of the vagina, which is a sign of good health and nothing to worry about. From another point of view, even if the vagina does smell, it is not enough to do it alone. Because flushing can only maintain a very short odorless state, the reason is not eliminated, and the odor will appear again soon.
Private partsClean Myth 7: Potassium permanganate private parts cleaning supplies are more thoroughly disinfected
Under normal circumstances, there are a lot of vaginal bacteria in the vagina, they can decompose the glycogen stored in the cells into lactic acid, so that an acidic environment is formed in the vagina, which is not conducive to the growth and reproduction of various pathogenic bacteria. If you regularly wash with potassium permanganate solution, it will kill a large number of vaginal bacteria and change the acidity, thereby destroying this line of defense, and pathogenic bacteria will take the opportunity to cause gynecological diseases.
If potassium permanganate is used for too long, the skin will become dry and prone to itching. If it is not diluted according to the standard, the concentration exceeds 1:5000 or the powder is not completely dissolved, once it gets on the vulva, it will corrode the delicate skin and mucous membranes.
Private partsClean Myth 8: To treat cervical erosion, a large number of private parts cleaning products should be used to rinse
In the treatment of cervical erosion, attention should be paid to repair the damaged vaginal mucosa and restore the self-cleaning system. In nursing and treatment, the vaginal mucosa should be protected and the self-cleaning system should be maintained. Therefore, in the process of treating cervical erosion, it is not appropriate to use irritating vaginal douches. Especially in the process of treating cervical erosion, keep the vulva and vagina clean and dry. Lotion is generally not recommended, otherwise it is easy to cause local infection.