The method of cleaning female private parts


The survey found that every woman suffered from gynecological inflammation at least 1-2 times in her life. But today, there are far more women living in big cities than that. Trigger various gynecological inflammation, the culprit is bacteria.

If you don't pay attention to personal hygiene, and the cleaning method of private parts is not correct or not in place, it is the cause of various gynecological inflammations. However, in order to prevent various gynecological diseases, some women choose nursing lotions with sterilizing and sterilizing functions and insist on using them every day. In the end, I found that even though I was very careful, I still often "dealed" with inflammations such as vaginitis and cervicitis. So, what should women pay attention to in reproductive health?

Private Correct Cleaning Method

Expert advice: Under normal circumstances, use as little vaginal cleaning solution as possible, just rinse with water, and do not clean the vagina, otherwise it will bring trouble.

Frequency of cleaning of private parts: once a day.

Cleaning method of private parts: Showering with warm water is the best way.

Private parts cleaning Order:

Cleaning of private parts Sequence 1: Wash hands before washing the vulva. Gently clean the vulva with your hands to reduce friction and irritation to the skin. Do not scrub with a damp cloth.

Cleaning of private parts Sequence 2: There is also a sequence for cleaning the vulva - first cleaning the vulva from front to back, then cleaning the labia majora and labia minora, and finally cleaning around the anus and the anus, which can prevent the Bacteria from the anus contaminate the vagina and urethra.

Cleaning of private parts Sequence 3: After cleaning the vulva and then urinating, bacteria can be flushed out of the body through urine.

Use of cleansing liquid products: When using cleansing liquids, please use healthy vaginal cleansing products that can decontaminate and sterilize. It is best to follow the doctor's advice and do not use the acid-alkaline cleaning solution by mistake, which will damage the vaginal ecological environment.

Precautions for keeping women's private parts clean:

Private parts cleaningNote 1: Pay attention to the cleaning of the lower body and wash it in time.

Conditional people should use a special bath towel to scrub the front and back vagina every night before going to bed, pay attention to wash the front vagina first, and then clean the back vagina and anus.

Do not wash from the back vagina to the front, so as to prevent the residual pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms from invading the genital orifice and urethral opening.

Private parts cleaningNote 2:Wipe with toilet paper after every time you urinate or urinate.

Some people living in remote rural areas do not have the conditions to use soft toilet paper, but wipe with hard objects such as bamboo chips and wood leaves. Cause local trauma, and even inflammation and infection.

Some people are used to using "yellow grass paper". Due to the inevitable residual chemical substances in yellow grass paper, it is often easy to cause chronic hazards such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, ulcers, and even local cancer, which damages health.

In rural areas, if there are no conditions to use toilet paper, you can use gauze paper or wormwood leaves, wild chrysanthemum, grapefruit peel to coat the anus, which has the effect of anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.

Note 3 of Cleaning of private parts: Pay attention to the steps and directions of wiping after defecation

After urinating, the remaining stool should be rubbed from around the anus to the crevice behind the buttocks. After each wiping, it is best to fold several layers of cleaning paper and wipe several times in the same direction, so as to avoid the disadvantages of taking the feces to the front yin or not cleaning.

If you wipe in the opposite direction, that is, from the anus to the vulva, the residual feces will be carried to the perineum and the opening of the genitals or urinary tract in front of it, which is prone to corresponding infection.

Private parts cleaningNote 4: Both parties should wash the lower body before intercourse

According to special surveys at home and abroad in recent years, women suffer from acute and chronic vaginitis, cervicitis and other diseases, and up to 80% of the infection sources come from men's smegma and excessive prepuce.

Therefore, cleaning the lower body before intercourse is not only good for yourself, but also for your lover.

Private parts cleaningNote 5:Underwear should be loose and clean

Wearing little briefs less, wrapping the lower body and making it difficult to ventilate, although fashionable, but not suitable for health.

It is recommended to wear looser, softer cotton underwear with a larger cuff for easy ventilation.