What method of eye makeup is suitable for swollen eyes?


Eye makeup can be said to be the soul of the entire makeup look. Delicate, layered eye makeup instantly magnifies your eyes and makes them look radiant.

Especially in the current epidemic situation, eye makeup has become more important when the mask is not left.

For many girls, eye makeup should be the hardest part of the overall makeup look.

It takes a lot of time to apply eye makeup every time, but there are still various problems such as uneven application, clumping and dirty mascara, and non-smooth eyeliner.

Eye makeup question 1. Do I need to use eye base makeup for eye makeup?

It depends on the situation. Everyone's eyes are oily when applying eye makeup. Girls who have oily eyes and many eyelid folds are fond of girls. When applying eye makeup, you need to do a good eye primer.

If you do not use an eye primer when applying eye makeup, it is easy to cause the eye shadow to agglomerate, and the eye makeup is easier to remove.

Using a good eye primer can not only make the eye complexion more even, but also increase the saturation of the eye shadow.

If you don't have an eye primer to apply eye makeup, you can use concealer instead, use loose powder to set your makeup, and make sure your eye area is dry before applying eye shadow.


Eye makeup problem 2.How to choose eye shadow for naturally swollen eyes?

Girls with swollen eyes, do not choose the wrong eye shadow, otherwise the eye makeup technology is useless!

High-saturation red eye shadow, orange eye shadow, and pearl eye shadow are all good-looking, but they are not suitable for swollen eyes. Such eye makeup will make the eyelids more swollen.

Matte textured earth shades are suitable for puffy eyes and can provide a visual "shrinking" effect, such eye makeup will better remove eye swelling and create a deeper feeling.

To apply eyeshadow on puffy eyes, avoid the traditional "bright center, dull end" eyeshadow application. This kind of painting is more common, but it is not suitable for swollen eyes, it will only make your eyes more swollen.

You can choose the "upper shallow and lower deep" painting method to deepen the eye sockets and reduce the swelling of the eyelids. This eye makeup has a strong effect on enlarging the eyes.


Eye makeup problem 3.What kind of eyeliner is suitable for puffy eyes?

First of all, swollen eyes are suitable for eyeliner. Secondly, the eyeliner for swollen eyes should not be drawn thick and long, but it will make the eyes look small and make up dizzy.

Half-tail eyeliner can stretch the eyes well, make them look bigger, and make them less prone to smudges.

Generally, it starts from just above the outer side of the pupil near the inner corner of the eye. The painting method adopts a gradual method from thin to thick, and finally lifts at the corner of the eye to correct the slightly sagging corner of the eye.

Eye makeup painting method 1. Basic half tail eyeliner painting method:

Step 1: Sweep the base eye shadow layer of the lower eyelid with earth tones to increase the depth of the eye area.

Step 2: Using an eyeliner, start from the outside of the pupil near the edge of the eye and drag the eyeliner down along the contour of the edge of the eye.

That's it for the half-tail eyeliner - remember, the lashes look better when they're up!


Eye makeup problem 4.What should I do if the mascara always clumps when I apply my eyelashes?

You need to be careful every time you brush your lashes, but if you're not careful, the mascara can clump together and clump together.

In addition to brushing skills, you may be applying too much mascara and it's easy to clump.

Before applying mascara, either scrape off excess paste with a nozzle or wipe off excess paste from lashes with a tissue before brushing. This can effectively prevent the mascara from clumping.

Eye makeup painting method 2. How to brush out clumping "eyelashes"

Step 1: First, curl the eyelashes~ Note that you need to pull the eyelashes down when you clip~

Step 2: When brushing mascara, the root of the eyelashes should be brushed in a "Z" shape, and the tip of the eyelashes should not be brushed in a "Z" shape.

The effect of this brushing is more paste at the root of the lashes and less paste at the tip. You can keep your eyelashes curled all day long~

Step 3: Don't forget to brush the eyelashes, this is an essential step for delicate eye makeup~


Eye makeup painting method 3. Regarding thrush, the "rule" that never goes wrong:

1. The color of the eyebrows should be similar to the color of the hair.

2. The eyebrows should have a light brow color and a dark eyebrow tail. For natural and beautiful eyebrows, the color of the eyebrows is relatively light, you can brush it with eyebrow powder, or you can use the eyebrow comb to smudge it.

Don't forget to wear a mask when you go out, and of course you also need to wear makeup. After all, your life is yours, even if there is no epidemic in your city, the beauty is yours