How to get rid of "strawberry nose"?


For women, the issue of "face" is crucial. Everyone wants brittle, slippery skin. But God always seems to like to joke with you, and there are many obstacles in your pursuit of beauty, blackheads being one of them. Once blackheads appear on your face, even if your skin is fair and supple, it can greatly reduce your beauty. So, how to effectively remove blackheads?
How to effectively remove blackheads has always been a common concern of women. When blackheads appear on both sides of the nose, many women can't help pinching them with their hands. The blackheads were squeezed out, but the nose was red, and the whole nose was red and swollen. It may also leave large pores. Even if the blackheads are squeezed out, they will appear again next time.
When blackheads appear, squeezing them by hand is very harmful to the skin, and it is easy to leave indelible scars on the place where they were squeezed. You say, it's not worth it? Removing blackheads is not that difficult, as long as you find the right method, it is actually very simple.
So, how can you safely and effectively remove blackheads? Get rid of "strawberry nose" troubles forever?

Beauty-loving women don't worry, today I will teach you a few tips to get rid of blackheads, so that you can easily get rid of "strawberry nose".

1. Egg white + cotton pad
Egg whites and cotton pads, these two things are the most common at home. Take a clean cotton pad, tear it into thin slices, then beat an egg to separate the whites and yolks, leaving the whites for later use. Dip the torn cotton pad into the egg white, drain a little, stick it on the place with blackheads, and then peel it off after the cotton pad is dry.
2. Salt + milk
I don’t know if you have heard that rubbing with salt can also remove blackheads? Prepare some unused salt, replace it with an appropriate amount of milk, wait until the salt is half dissolved, and start massaging in circular motions where there are blackheads. Since the salt has not completely dissolved at this time, you need to use a little force when massaging, and wash it off with warm water after half a minute.
3. Sugar + Honey
After washing your face, put a little sugar in the palm of your hand, add a little honey and knead it well, then rub it on your face, and wash it off with warm water for about a minute. Wash your face with sugar and honey 3 times a day, after a week the skin will become white and tender, and the blackheads will be eliminated a lot.
4. Baking soda + purified water

The baking soda powder mentioned here is edible baking soda, do not use industrial baking soda. Use a small amount of baking soda powder, add purified water or mineral water in a ratio of 1:10, stir with a small spoon until the baking soda powder is dissolved. Then take a cotton pad and soak it in it, take it out and gently wring it out, stick it on the blackhead, wait for ten minutes to remove, then gently wipe with a tissue, and finally dampen the cotton pad with astringent water and apply it to the nose for five minutes.

Whether at work or when going out to play, the skin is often directly exposed to the air. Car exhaust, dust, etc. always pose a threat to our skin. In addition, the cleaning is not thorough and the skin care is not good. In place, causing blackheads to appear, even more and more. Blackheads are located in the middle of the face and are sometimes difficult to cover with makeup. Therefore, if you want to get rid of blackheads, in addition to the above small methods, you must also pay attention to the cleaning of the skin, so that the strawberry nose will not entangle you anymore.