How to deal with breast tenderness during pregnancy?


We can imagine the joy of pregnant women, because pregnancy means the arrival of a new life, but with happiness comes certain hardships. During pregnancy, many women experience early pregnancy panics, such as breast tenderness. Breast tenderness is the most common phenomenon during pregnancy, so why do women always have tender breasts during pregnancy, and how should they be cared for at different stages?

Breast tenderness during pregnancy has a lot to do with the hormone progesterone secreted during pregnancy. After pregnancy, because the body secretes a large amount of progesterone, the influence of progesterone in the breasts will increase and become firm and sensitive. At this time, not only the areola enlarges and the color becomes darker, but also a series of breast discomfort symptoms, such as itching and pain, will appear. Especially with the continuous increase of gestational weeks, the volume of the breast will also continue to increase. During the process of enlargement, due to the strain of the breast ligaments, the breast pain will become more and more serious. At this time, measures to relieve pain should be taken. You can take hot compresses to relieve pain when breast pain is more serious. It is also necessary to know that there are three stages of breast care during pregnancy that need to be paid attention to.

What are the different stages of breast care during pregnancy?
Breast care in early pregnancy. Due to the gradual increase in hormone secretion in the first trimester, the breast ducts are developing at this time, so you should choose a larger size when buying underwear to protect the breast and make breast growth more comfortable, avoid wearing tight underwear, compress the breast, and aggravate pain, which also Conducive to the continued development of the breast in the later stage.
Breast care in the second trimester. In the second trimester, with the continuous development of the breasts, the breasts will secrete colostrum. At this time, it is necessary to clean the breasts and wipe the breasts with a towel every day. To use a pregnancy skin care oil, apply the oil to your hands and gently massage your breasts to promote breast development and moisturise your breast skin.
Breast care in the third trimester. In the third trimester, the tissue will gradually increase, and the increase in fat cells will make the breasts more swollen. At this time, pregnant women will find that the nipples are sunken and need to be corrected in time. Pregnant women should press both sides of the areola with their fingers every day, and use another finger to gently pull the nipple outwards or push up and down to avoid deep nipple depression.
In general, breast swelling and pain during pregnancy is a relatively common and normal phenomenon. For pregnant women, don't be nervous because of breast pain, keep a happy and relaxed mood, do a good job in breast care, and believe that breast pain will gradually improve. In addition, you can choose comfortable cotton loose underwear, which can better Protect your breasts from squeezing and hurting your breasts. And loose, comfortable underwear can reduce breast pain and make it easier on yourself.