Symptoms and solutions for colic in babies


Many mothers will find that their children often cry at a fixed time, sometimes more than once, which really confuses parents. Sometimes many parents do not have the patience to take good care of their babies. What are the symptoms of neonatal colic? This is a question that many new parents are more concerned about. What is the relief method for neonatal colic?
Symptoms of Colic in Newborns:
1. Screaming and crying
There are often some newborns who suddenly scream loudly, and then start to cry. They can't be coaxed, and their legs keep kicking when they cry.
2. Shortness of breath
When some newborns have colic, they will shake their heads and even have shortness of breath. The situation is very serious. Some babies will also have a bulge in their abdomen and cold limbs. At this time, they should go to the hospital for treatment immediately.
3. Regular crying

In the middle of the night, some babies will gradually recover after crying, and start crying again after a period of time, and it lasts for a long time, and the crying time is very regular, just like setting an alarm clock. I'm very distressed, and I don't know how to calm down.

How to relieve neonatal colic?
1. Properly keep warm
When mothers are feeding their babies, they should pay attention to keeping their babies warm. A small quilt should be wrapped around your baby's tummy to keep the baby warm. In addition, when the mother coaxes the child, she can put the child in the cradle and let the child listen to music. At this time, the mother should also cover the child's stomach with a quilt.
2. Massage
When your baby has colic, give your baby an abdominal massage, gently massage in a clockwise direction. Or massage your baby's back, back and forth. In addition, you can also apply a small amount of peppermint oil on the baby's belly to exhaust the intestines, and also have a certain effect on relieving colic.
3. Drink breast milk
When your baby has colic, try to breastfeed as much as possible. This kind of close contact is beneficial to the baby. The baby will feel warm and feel safe listening to the mother's heartbeat. And if your baby is crying and in pain for several nights in a row, you should go to the hospital for a checkup immediately.
4. Keep a quiet environment
When the baby is sleeping, try to keep the room quiet, family members should speak in a low voice, avoid loud noises, and let the baby rest. Also, care should be taken not to shake the baby to stop crying.
All in all, if the child is accompanied by symptoms of colic, it is still very uncomfortable, because it will have a certain adverse effect on the child's body. Of course, if you often see the child crying, you must use your own patience to help the child get through the difficulties. , Go to the hospital for treatment in time, this is the most effective way to relieve it. Have you learned it yet?