How to deal with newborn hiccups?


A few days after birth, the mother breastfeeds the baby, and after a while, the baby starts hiccups, and it takes a while for the hiccups to stop. Later, the mother found that the baby often hiccups. Some said it might be a cold, others said it was sucking air while breastfeeding.

How to stop hiccups? Some people say hold the child's ears, some people say it's better to give the child some water, and some people even say to scare the child. This left the mother wondering who to listen to.

Hiccups are common in newborns because their nervous systems and gastrointestinal tracts are immature. If they are stimulated, such as inhaling cold air or swallowing air too quickly after feeding, their diaphragm will spasm and make a burping sound, which is called burping. Hiccups are normal, not a disease, so parents shouldn't worry too much.

In addition to underdeveloped diaphragms, hiccups in babies can be caused by the following:

1. Improper feeding: Breastfeeding should make the newborn hold the mother's nipple and most of the areola. If the baby only holds the mother's nipple, the mouth cannot be filled, so that the baby will inhale more air and cause the baby to burp .

2. Improper choice of pacifier. If the nipple hole is too small, the newborn can also suck in a lot of air by sucking hard. If the nipple hole is too large, the flow of milk is too fast, and the baby swallows faster, which can also cause hiccups.

3. The inclination of the bottle is not enough. When bottle feeding, if the bottle is not tilted enough, the nipple will not be able to fill all the milk, which can also cause the baby to burp due to inhalation of air.

4. Improper care. When the newborn sleeps, the abdomen is not covered with a quilt, and the cold will also cause the baby to burp.

5. Cry. When a newborn cries, it also burps due to inhaling a lot of air.

6. Stimulation. Sometimes the baby is subjected to some physical or mental stimulation, which can also cause hiccups.

Hiccups are a normal phenomenon. Generally, after one year of age, with the continuous development and maturity of the baby's diaphragm, the phenomenon of frequent hiccups will gradually decrease.

However, watching a baby hiccups can be hard for moms and dads, so how do you stop hiccups? Here are three things parents can try:

1. Give the baby some warm water when the baby is burping. If it is breastfeeding, the mother can give the baby a few mouthfuls of breast milk. If it is artificial feeding, the mother can give the baby a little milk. Parents should pay attention to the baby's sucking action, this trick Very effective and almost stops hiccups.

2. When the baby burps, let the baby cry a few times. Parents can find a way to make the baby cry, but many parents can't watch the baby cry. In order to end the discomfort of hiccups, parents should be patient for a while.

3. Parents use toys in front of the baby to divert the baby's attention, which also relieves hiccups. It is best to have toys with music and bright colors that your baby likes, so that it is easy to catch your baby's attention.

The main way to prevent hiccups in your baby is to reduce the causes of hiccups in your baby. For example, don't feed your baby when he's crying a lot, because it's easy to inhale a lot of air and cause the baby to burp; pat the baby after each feeding to expel the air sucked in; for babies who drink milk from a bottle , Pay attention to whether the size of the nipple hole is appropriate, and whether the milk is full of the nipple when drinking milk.

Baby hiccups can be distressing to caring parents, but have little to do with the baby. Unless the hiccups have interfered with your baby's daily activities, such as sleeping or breastfeeding, there's no need for mom and dad to take him to the hospital to see a doctor.

Babies with gastroesophageal reflux disease burp more often. If your baby is hiccups all the time, especially if your baby is spitting up, coughing, or looking fussy, it's a good idea to check with your doctor when you take him for a checkup. If your baby's hiccups are uncontrollable and frequent, parents should take him to the hospital for a checkup. Unusual hiccups are likely to indicate an underlying medical condition, but this is rare.

There are many theories about how to stop your baby from hiccups, and some experts believe there is no effective way because the hiccups pass quickly. Some people recommend giving your baby water or something to eat, which is not wrong and may help with hiccups.