What's up with the baby spitting up all the time?


The arrival of a newborn is the happiest moment for every mother, and mothers need to know more about the baby's situation. So what's up with the baby's spitting up?

There are many reasons for newborns to spit up milk, sometimes related to feeding, sometimes related to the environment. Parents are advised to carefully observe the health of their children.

If a newborn suddenly spit up milk, it may be that some factors have caused gastrointestinal diseases, especially colds, which will lead to gastrointestinal symptoms, gulping or obvious gastrointestinal symptoms, abnormal stools, etc.

Physiological spitting up usually occurs before 4 months, especially in newborns. Spitting up is the spitting up of a small amount of milk after eating, or a mouthful of milk when burping, usually in small quantities, and manifesting as overflow or mild vomiting. The milk is still in its original state. After eating, no pain expression after vomiting, even more pleasant.

Pathological spit-up in infants can occur at any age and in certain diseases. Spitting is in the form of jets. Usually milk is spit out from the stomach, and gastric juices are also spit out. With longer intervals, babies may spit up lumpy, sour, semi-digested milk. In addition to vomiting, there are other symptoms of discomfort.


Breastfeeding care:

1. hiccup. After the baby drinks milk, because the lower part of the stomach is full of milk and the upper part is air, it will cause excessive pressure in the stomach, overflow and spit milk. Therefore, you should help your baby to burp in time to let the gas out. As long as the pressure in the stomach is reduced, spitting up and overflowing milk will naturally decrease.

2. Postural Therapy. If burping is difficult, hold the baby upright and let him lie on your shoulders for at least 30 minutes, then raise the pillow and let the baby lie on the right side, which can effectively improve the rate of gastric emptying.

Since the baby has no ability to express, mothers should pay more attention to the baby's situation, especially after breastfeeding, pay close attention to the baby's situation.